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Camilo Estrada Jr. is a 41 year-old Miami native who has lost over 100 pounds during his hormone replacement program here at the NuLife Institute. Now that he’s shed the extra weight and regained his energy, he’s ready to take the next step in his comprehensive lifestyle change and achieve the physique he’s always dreamed of with the help of hormone balancing.

Follow him as he documents every step of his hormone replacement program, and ask him questions along the way. Enjoy!

Are YOU Suffering a Serious Medical Condition that’s Practically INVISIBLE to Your Regular Doctor?

Millions of American men are suffering from a misunderstood and misdiagnosed condition that could take away some of the best years of their lives.

Often left unchecked, it can lead to a wide variety of serious consequences—including some symptoms that you may already be feeling:

  • An Increase in body fat—especially around the midsection & “love handles”
  • Decreasing muscle mass, reduced energy & trouble sleeping
  • A lack of mental focus, concentration & memory
  • Hair loss
  • Reduced libido, issues with sexual performance

It can even lead to more serious conditions; like increased risk of heart disease, depression, and other diseases like diabetes.

And yet it usually goes completely ignored.

Men simply assume they’re “getting older” and try to ignore it, while most of their doctors lack the special expertise needed to recognize or treat these crucial deficiencies—at least not until it’s already too late.

All despite the fact that there’s now a quick and easy solution to the problem …


The World’s First (and ONLY)
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Doctors rely on modern medical testing to make the vast majority of their decisions.

For broken bones they might give you X-Rays … for sports injuries or major internal problems, it might be an MRI—or a CT scan for severe injuries.

But none of the traditional diagnostic methods can detect the subtle indicators of this practically invisible condition. That’s why we started thinking “outside of the box” and developed our NEW “Internal Blueprint” assessment …

Using multiple stages of cutting-edge diagnostic technology, this analysis allows our medical specialists to map out each of your body’s key internal levels … providing a more comprehensive picture of your own personal health than you’ve ever had before.

It’s easy, and it only takes a few minutes … but the results can be TRULY eye-opening!

You don’t have to take our word for it either … just ask a guy like Angelo from Tampa about the power of decoding his Internal Blueprint:

“I was always an athlete in high school and college.

Then the next thing I knew I was 37, married with kids, and I realized I wasn’t the person I once was, physically or emotionally. I had gained 55 pounds, had no sex drive, no energy, no focus at work and my quality of life was abysmal to say the least.

NuLife’s step by step guidance made things easy for me to get my life and my body back. Within weeks I was dropping weight and feeling my old self.

As months went on and I kept shedding off the weight, I found a new love of working out. And at 41, I even entered the Masters level fitness competition.

I came in First!”

(Click here for more stories like Angelo’s).

This test can speak volumes about your personal health risks … like whether you’re likely from chronic diseases in the future … or if your body’s getting the key nutrition and exercise it needs.

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Photo of the Week: “No Longer A Dream”


“When I was overweight, I used to dream about back muscle definition while also dreaming of being able to accomplish one full pull up. HRT has propelled me to the pull up bar and now I have fun with more than ten pull ups at a time. This is one of my favorite moves, and also enhances the definition that I always dreamed of. Even though I am not there yet, I am extremely happy with the reflection of what is no longer a dream, but a true reality.” Thank you NuLife Institute.” -Camilo Estrada Jr.

Balance: “Sitting Bull” and “Royal Dancer”

HRT for me has been more than a blessing. It has been a vital tune up that has awakened my inner warrior.
Hormone balancing is not just a physical transformation, it’s also about having greater focus and more confidence to accept just about any challenge.” – Camilo Estrada Jr.

Follow Miami’s Camilo Estrada Jr. throughout his hormone therapy program as he documents his progress each step of the way. Click here to read more!


Goblet Squat Demonstration from Camilo

Goblet Squat

Here’s a description of the Goblet Squat. 

During the 1st and 2nd week of HRT therapy, I was experiencing lower back pain due to a strain while exercising. Because of my limited mobility to perform a full back squat, the goblet squat variation helped me recover quicker while also strengthening my lower back. My daily progression started with handling Kettle Bells at 32kg, 36kg, 40kg and 44kg as shown on this video.
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Inspiration at 6 weeks: Dig Deep. Finish Strong.

Hormone balancing has enabled me to create balance in other challenging aspects of my life.

Whether it is a physical feat or a mental challenge, I now feel extremely confident about my capabilities. That’s how powerful Testosterone therapy has been for me. The energy levels that I have reached in only 6 weeks are astounding.

I am so grateful for what NuLife Institute has done for me.