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Five Ultimate Anti-Aging SuperFoods

Everyone knows an apple a day will keep the doctor away … but what do we eat to keep the wrinkles away?

The right foods can add years to your life; helping to prevent common symptoms of aging and even age-related diseases like osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease—so that you can get the most out of every day under the sun.

So today, we’re going to take a look at five powerful, antioxidant-packed anti-aging foods that are delicious, nutritious, and helpful in keeping the wrinkles away …


Anti-Aging Superfood #1: Olive Oil

The people of Mediterranean countries like Greece have long been known for their age-defying good looks and lasting health. Now we know why.

Olive oil is a unique source of monounsaturated fats that are much healthier and easier for your body to process than other fats that come from butter, lard, or other common oils. It’s also rich in polyphenols; a powerful type of antioxidant that offers unique benefits in the fight against age-related diseases.

Olive oil goes great on salads, fish, and in marinades—as you no doubt already know. Thanks to its high smoke point, Olive oil is also the perfect medium for delicious, healthy sautés.


Anti-Aging Superfood #2: Yogurt

Back in the 1970’s, Soviet Georgia was rumored to have the most centenarians (people 100 years or older) per capita of anywhere in the world. Their secret? Yogurt.

While that may never have been proven directly, we do know that yogurt is chock-full of calcium and the “good bacteria” that aid digestion and reduce the risk of age-related intestinal illnesses.

You can enjoy your yogurt just about any way you like (in India, they drink it for mid-day refreshment) but we enjoy ours with a touch of honey and some fresh berries.


 Anti-Aging Superfood #3: Fish

If you look out across the world’s most notoriously healthy cultures, you’ll notice that many of them eat a diet that’s pretty heavy on fish.

It makes sense, too. Fish is a much leaner protein than chicken, steak or pork—packed with healthy compounds like Omega-3 fatty acids that help prevent cholesterol buildup and protect against abnormal heart rhythms.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy a good piece of fish, with cooking method depending on the cut of fish. But it’s hard to turn down a nice piece of whitefish that’s been blackened or broiled to perfection.


Anti-Aging Superfood #4: Nuts

Two and a half extra years.

That’s the average amount of time you can add to your life just by eating nuts on a regular basis. Two and a half extra years. You’d have to be nuts not to go for that.

As rich sources of unsaturated fats, nuts can offer many of the same health benefits as olive oil. But they’re also packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants—lending a healthy boost to your afternoon snack.

Mixed nuts (like Planter’s “Men’s Health” mix) offer a delicious variety of protein-packed nuts, and we also like unsalted almonds for those who might be a little more diet-conscious.


Anti-Aging Superfood #5: Wine

It’s not always easy to make the healthy choice—but this one is clearly an exception.

Packed with antioxidants and compounds like resveratrol (which is believed to help slow cellular aging), an occasional glass of red wine can help protect against diabetes, heart disease, and age-related memory loss.

Sure; there are other foods like blueberries or Açaí that pack a stronger antioxidant punch—but red wine is easily accessible, sociable, and provides a full spectrum of anti-aging benefits that simply can’t be denied.

We recommend a good Cabernet like Los Vascos, or perhaps something more traditional from Burgundy.


Getting Hungry Yet?

When it comes to wellness and fighting off the effects of aging, your greatest weapon is always going to be the power of prevention.

Eating these anti-aging superfoods on a regular basis will give your body the tools it needs to fight off the incremental effects of aging day in and day out. By giving you the energy you need to overcome stress and fatigue … by giving your body an extra little “kick” in the right direction, they’ll help prevent continued aging and reduce your risk of age-related diseases.

They might not help as much with existing conditions (fortunately, NuLife Institute has plenty of solutions for those), but a balanced diet including these anti-aging superfoods can make a world of difference in your life.

Enjoy (in moderation, of course)!

What’s that in Your Doctor’s Medicine Cabinet? Our 4 Must-Have Supplements


There’s a dizzying array of dietary supplements on the market these days … and most of them just aren’t worth your time.

That’s why we’re calling in our medical experts to help find the handful of supplements that can really work—providing a much-needed burst of concentrated extracts that rounds out your diet and improves your day-to-day life.

Think more clearly, enjoy more energy, or boost your body’s self-preserving capabilities—it’s all possible with the right supplements and a little help from the doctor …


A Word on the “Right” Supplements

Before we continue, it’s important to realize that not all supplements are created equal.

While prescription drugs are carefully scrutinized and regulated, over-the-counter supplements have very little regulatory supervision. As a result, factors like quality, freshness and content can all vary widely. Some supplements have even been shown to contain different ingredients than those listed on the label!

So when shopping for the right supplements, it’s important to check the reviews or consult with a medical professional before you buy. Based on their decades of experience and expertise, our doctors recommend LifeExtension supplements as potent, affordable and effective supplements that will work for virtually anyone.

Which supplements are a “must-have?”


Triple Action Cruciferous

Our first suggestion is for all the boys and girls out there who don’t get enough vegetables in their daily diet (you know who you are). Triple Action Cruciferous anti-aging formula includes extracts of anti-oxidant rich vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and Brussel sprouts to help maintain healthy hormone metabolism. That makes it a great choice for many adults, especially anyone on an existing HRT plan.


Cognitex Cognitive Support

Cognitex Cognitive Support provides a healthy dose of extracts like Vinpocetine, which optimizes oxygen flow to the brain, along with a “Neuro-Protection” complex consisting of rosemary, ginseng, ginger, blueberry extract and hops—each of which plays a key role in protecting the brain from stress and maintaining a youthful & snappy cognitive response. In short; it’s the best kind of brain food you could give your body.


Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer

Basic biology teaches us that mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell … but what do we do to nourish them? Mitochondrial Energy Optimizer answers that question with a powerful combination that helps combat oxidative stress and DNA damage, while stimulating mitochondrial and reducing the damage done by free radicals.  If you’re looking for a burst of all-natural energy and protection, look no further.


Optimized Reservatrol

What if we said you needed more red wine in your life? Reservatrol is a natural plant extract from the grape berry that provides numerous health benefits, from increased anti-oxidants to optimized cellular function (it’s the cause behind all those red wine health benefits). Here it’s combined with Fisetin, a compound found in strawberries to help enhance the already-amazing health benefits.


But Remember—they’re called “Supplements” for a Reason

Great supplements can do a lot to improve your existing diet and/or workout regime … but they’re not meant to replace it.

If you’re experiencing a serious hormonal imbalance, advanced signs of aging—or any serious condition for that matter—then put down the supplements and pick up the phone to speak to a medical professional. If your problem is age-related, feel free to call our Patient Care Advisers at (305) 400-0005 to discuss your condition.

But once you’ve got the right plan in place, a good supplement regime can help enhance your results and ensure you get the most out of life.



Body Composition Made Simple

When we were all younger, things were much easier …

There were only “fat” people and “skinny” people.

But as the years passed and the science developed, we realized things aren’t quite so simple. Phrases like “Body Mass Index” (or BMI) and “obesity” started entering our vocabulary—and most people still don’t understand them.

That’s unfortunate; because understanding your body’s composition and key levels can provide unique insights into a variety of health issues—including major hormone imbalance.

Understanding your “BMI” (Body Mass Index)

So today, we’re going to “demystify” the situation and give you a clear understanding of each vital level … so that you won’t be completely dumbfounded if your doctor shows you a reading that looks like this:

So let’s get started …

Term #1: “Lean Body Mass”

Lean Body Mass—sometimes referred to as “Fat-Free Mass”—is the total weight of everything in your body that is not fat. Muscle weight, organs, bones and body water; they’re all included here.

Lean Body Mass is the baseline for determining things like PBF or Body Fat Mass, but it’s also key in setting your body’s ideal diet and understanding your own metabolism. Forget about the cookie-cutter “2,000 calories a day” diet—knowing your Lean Body Mass will give you a much more personalized idea of what your body needs.


Term #2: “Percent Body Fat”

Percent Body Fat (or PBF) is probably the most important term we’ll talk about today, and it’s usually be provided next to your Body Mass Index. It’s a simple calculation of your body’s fat mass divided by its total weight.

PBF is important because it sets the context for understanding your current health, and how to frame your dietary goals going forward. It’s not as rigid as BMI, but a PBF of 10-20% is typically considered healthy for men,  while 18-28% is healthy for many women.


Term #3: “Body Water”

Another term you might’ve noticed in the picture above is “Total Body Water.” Why is this important?

Well, as the old saying goes, humans are mostly water. And your body water reading includes everything; from the water in your blood and organs to the water inside your bones.

If you’re healthy, then body water readings should remain largely irrelevant (as long as they conform to key ratios). It’s after suffering major health issues—like kidney failure—that body water readings become vitally important.


Term #4: “Basal Metabolic Rate”

Your Basal Metabolic Rate is a huge component of your overall metabolism. It’s the number of calories needed to sustain your body’s Lean Body Mass pound-for-pound. That’s why a 250-lb bodybuilder might pack away eight meals a day—while the average guy has trouble even looking at a hamburger without feeling fatter.

If it’s understood and used properly, your Basal Metabolic Rate can provide the key you need to either unlock rapid weight loss, or build more lean muscle. All you have to do (as you can see in the picture above) is combine it with your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) and you’re on your way.



Term #5: “Visceral Fat”

Last and definitely not least, is one of the most surprising things you’ll hear about all day—your Visceral Fat levels.

Where subcutaneous fat develops just under the skin and makes itself very apparent in the mirror, Visceral Fat is the kind of fat that gradually collects inside our abdomens and wraps around your internal organs.

If that sounds bad; it’s because it is. Visceral Fat isn’t just a few stray pounds, it’s actually an active organ that secretes harmful hormones and triggers perpetual inflammation throughout the body.

The more Visceral Fat, the more risk of inflammation. The more inflammation, the greater wear you’re putting on key organs … and increasing your risk of things like cardiovascular diseases in the near future.

So … are you ready to get your Full Body Scan?


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As you can see, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way when it comes to understanding your body’s personal needs and overall fitness. All it takes is a quick scan, and physicians can provide you with a wealth of potentially life-changing insight.

It goes above and beyond what the typical physician would recommend, but here at NuLife Institute we firmly believe that every man and woman over the age of thirty should be checked out and familiar with their own vital levels.

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