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7 Ways Low-T Steals Your Manhood

You’ve probably already heard of “Low-T.”

And if you’re like most men, you associate testosterone with libido, sexual function and youthful physical prowess.

Few actually realize testosterone is much more important.

You see, hormones like testosterone control virtually every aspect of our physiology—helping to increase muscle mass, manage fat & cholesterol levels, stimulate libido and keep our minds focused. Even dopamine and serotonin—our body’s “Happy Chemicals”—rely on hormones to keep us in a good mood.

Testosterone production usually decreases as men age. But sometimes your levels can decrease earlier than they should … or more than they should … leading to serious side effects that can rob you of your manhood before you even know what’s happening.

The early warning signs of Low-T are subtle; often mistaken for a natural part of aging, but in any combination they can be a cause for concern:


Low-T Warning Sign #1: Loss of Muscle Mass

Testosterone plays a key role in building and strengthening the body’s muscle tissue, and men with Low-T typically notice a decrease in both muscle mass and strength according to the Mayo Clinic. It’s possible to reverse that muscle loss in some cases, but it can be a serious uphill battle.


Low-T Warning Sign #2: Increase in Body Fat

Men with Low-T often struggle with an embarrassing increase in body fat—from stubborn belly fat to “gynecomastia,” a condition in which men develop enlarged breasts. Science isn’t entirely clear on the mechanism that makes this happen, but it’s believed that testosterone influences the way our bodies store fat.


Low-T Warning Sign #3: Fatigue, Lack of Energy & Concentration

These are some of the most common symptoms of aging—but with Low-T they’re often taken to an extreme. Serious fatigue, lack of concentration and inability to focus can make it extremely difficult to get through the work day.


Low-T Warning Sign #4: Low Sex Drive or
Difficulty Achieving Erection

Testosterone stimulates a man’s sex drive and aids in achieving erection (by stimulating the production of nitric oxide in the brain). Without sufficient testosterone levels, men can have difficulty achieving a lasting erection, or may suffer from spontaneous erections.


Low-T Warning Sign #5: Hair Loss

This often comes as a surprise, but testosterone plays a key role in hair production—and Low-T can often lead to premature balding & hair loss. Maintaining proper testosterone levels (through Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT) can sometimes help to prevent further hair loss—or even restore hair when used in conjunction with Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy.


Low-T Warning Sign #6: Low Semen Volume

Testosterone is directly involved in the production of semen—the fluid which aids in the motility of sperm. Since Low-T can affect men as young as their 30’s (even younger for some), this can be a serious issue for men who are hoping to have children.


Low-T Warning Sign #7: Moodiness/Mood Swings

With the cumulative mental & physical consequences of Low-T, it’s not surprising that the condition also leads to bad moods and—according to some research—even depression.


How to Stop Low-T Dead in its Tracks—
And Turn Back the Clock on Aging

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