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Bellafill®: A Revolution in Dermal Fillers

Erase Acne Scars & Smile Lines with Ease—and for Years to Come!

Now with Bellafill®, you can get rid of those pesky smile lines or acne scars … and keep them gone for five years with just a single treatment.

That’s right; based on the world’s largest and longest-lasting dermal filler study—involving over 1,000 patients in 23 centers all across America— Bellafill® has recently become the only dermal filler FDA-approved FIVE years!

That means instead of visiting your doctor every 6-9 months, you can get five years of incredible and lasting results out of a single treatment (and a one-time expense).

Nine out of ten physicians agree that Bellafill ® provides an unprecedented level of satisfaction for their patients!

Stop "Just Living" with Your Acne Scars

Bellafill® is nothing short of a revolution for the long-term treatment of acne scars …

Some 20 million Americans live with unsightly acne scars on through adulthood, and for decades they’ve had no choice but to do just that—to “live with it.”

Now, with Bellafill®, those with acne scars finally have an easy way to wipe the slate clean and reveal the true beauty hiding just underneath the surface. It’s the only filler that can last for five years. And it’s the only dermal filler FDA-approved for the treatment of acne scars!

So don’t waste any more time—contact NuLife Institute today and find out how you could start erasing your acne scars in a matter of days … and then keep them gone for years!

Hear it straight from the patients:

"I see a difference in my complexion as far as smoothness. It makes me feel a whole lot better about myself, and my self-confidence has boosted significantly."

"I felt very satisfied. I felt there was a noticeable improvement, and no downside to the treatment."

"I’m very pleased, to say the least. On a scale with 5 being very satisfied, I’d say 6."

"I would recommend Bellafill® to anybody who is trying to fill in acne scars. You walk in with a scar and you walk out without a scar."

So don’t delay; call (305) 400-0005 and schedule your FREE consultation today!

In a clinical trial, Bellafill® was shown to work equally well with all skin types, and in men and women.

Bellafill® doesn’t require any downtime either. You can return to normal activities right away. As with any injectable dermal filler, mild swelling and redness can occur at the treatment site that generally subside after 24 hours.

For more information regarding your next Bellafill® Treatment in Miami at the NuLife Institute, call us today at 305-400-0005 to set up an appointment. You can also enter your information in the form on the sidebar and we’ll reach out to promptly..

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