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The Stunning “Vampire Facial” that A-List Celebs Love

Platelet-Rich Plasma Facial Rejuvenation(or “vampire facials” as they’re commonly referred to) has recently been popularized by celebrities and Hollywood starlets like Kim Kardashian, who famously featured a “vampire facial” on her reality show and social media.

In fact, so many movie stars relying on the method to maintain their iconic good looks that gift certificates for free PRP Facials have even been included in Academy Awards swag bags!

And it’s easy to see why the process has become so popular …

Unlike chemical fillers or traditional facelifts—which often produce results that look fake or just strange—the results of a PRP Facial are nothing less than full facial rejuvenation.

How Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy Works

As you may already know; the body has truly tremendous self-healing capabilities.

The secret to PRP Therapy lies in harnessing that healing power and using it in controlled situations for impressive results … in this case, for restoring your face’s glowing, youthful look.

PRP Therapy was first developed and used in the treatment of major wounds.

Doctors found they could reduce healing time by extracting a portion of the patient’s blood plasma, then enriching it with blood platelets and applying it directly to the wound.

Using the patient’s own concentrated plasma for the treatment eliminated the risk of allergic reaction and removed the need for invasive, painful procedures, and post-treatment “downtime.”

The Benefits of PRP Facial Rejuvenation:

  • Restore collagen & volume for a brighter, more vibrant appearance
  • Minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tone & tighten skin that’s starting to lose its elasticity or sag
  • Enhance the eyes by reducing crow’s feet and dark circles
  • Reduce the appearance of acne scarring and other shallow scars
  • Minimize redness associated with conditions like rosacea

This non-invasive procedure can produce a younger, softer appearance to the entire face without surgery or downtime.

The expert staff at NuLife Institute administers PRP Facial Rejuvenation right in our Miami office.

After drawing a sample of your blood and creating the platelet-rich solution, your treatment sessions will typically take about 40 minutes to complete—while the results could last all year long …

PRP Recovery & Results

There is zero required recovery time following a PRP Facial procedure.

Patients might experience a mild discomfort or swelling at the injection sites after a PRP rejuvenation procedure. These side effects usually subside on their own within a day or two, while results typically appear 3-4 weeks after treatment.

In most cases, PRP Facial Rejuvenation is performed in a series of 2-3 sessions, spaced 1-2 months apart. Once the desired results are achieved, patients may need “touch-up” treatments once or twice a year.

With PRP Facial Rejuvenation, Aging is Optional.

From erasing fine lines & wrinkles to restoring vital collagen production—PRP Facial Rejuvenation’s all-natural “Vampire Facials” will unlock your body’s nearly-unlimited healing power to erase the symptoms of aging and restore your skin’s youthful glow.

The results are fast, easy—and with NuLife Institute in Miami—they’re also convenient and affordable.

Speak to an Expert atNuLife Institute and Discover what PRP Therapy can do for You!

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