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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) Miami

Live Happier, Healthier, and more Vibrant than Ever!

You don’t have to be going through menopause to suffer the harmful effects of serious hormonal imbalance.

Indeed; millions of women as young as their 30’s are already suffering from hormonal imbalances or deficiencies.And every one of them could see their lives completely transformed through the careful use of Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) …

BHRT uses all-natural, non-synthetic hormones to restore your body’s natural balance, bringing with it a litany of life-changing benefits—from rapid weight loss to greater mental clarity, improved energy and beyond.

It’s the perfect 21st Century solution to one of life’s oldest problems …

What are Bio-Identical Hormones?

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement uses a range of natural ingredients—like plants and compounded hormones—to supplement your system with hormones that are an exact match for those already in your body.

Unlike most synthetic hormones, bio-identical hormones are immediately recognized as hormones and absorbed by the body—often with faster and more noticeable results.

At NuLife Institute, BHRT treatments are customized to each patient’s personal needs and biological levels—providing your body with the exact supplements required to restore its natural balance and help you make the very most out of your life.

Who can benefit from Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy?

Hormone imbalances affect millions of women across the globe—with virtually any woman of any ethnicity over the age of thirty currently at-risk.

The most common cause of hormone imbalance is menopause, but other culprits like premenstrual syndrome (PMS), perimenopause and adrenal fatigue, can potentially lead to serious hormone deficiency much earlier in life.


BHRT can address each of these, offering amazing benefits like:

  • Improved weight loss
  • Heightened libido
  • Improved look and feel of hair, skin and nails
  • Reduced risk of breast cancer
  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis
  • Fewer hot flashes
  • Easier to maintain muscle mass
  • Healthier cholesterol levels
  • Heightened libido
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Improved sleep
  • Better mood, concentration and memory


Especially for women at or near the age of menopause (or even younger women suffering from key hormone deficiencies) BHRT is nothing short of life-changing.

The safety of BHRT has been well-documented.

However, as with any medical treatment, there’s always the possibility that patients can experience unpleasant side effects while taking the hormones. So it’s important to consult with a medical provider that specializes in bio-identical hormones before beginning any kind of therapy.

NuLife Institute’s physicians are highly trained and experienced in the area of bio-identical hormone therapy. With our proprietary diagnostic testing, they’ll be able to prescribe a customized treatment plan to get you on the road to improved wellness and a higher quality of life.

Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women Includes:

  • Estrogen: Estrogen is the female hormone responsible for controlling the body’s internal thermostat, as well as helping to regulate mental function, sleep patterns and mood. Estrogen must work with progesterone in a delicate balance. If the balance is disrupted, unpleasant side effects can occur. During hormone therapy, the physician must carefully evaluate that balance to ensure patients are receiving proper amounts of both hormones.
  • Progesterone: Progesterone is a hormone that plays a significant role in mental function and mood. It is referred to as the “feel good” hormone because when it is in the proper balance with estrogen, it can enhance mood and minimize symptoms of depression.
  • Testosterone: Although testosterone is frequently referred to as the “male sex hormone,” it is also found in a woman’s body in smaller amounts. Testosterone is responsible for bone density and muscle mass in addition to sexual function. This hormone is also instrumental in facial and body hair growth. Testosterone is essential to sexual function in women because it helps to control sensitivity in the nipples and clitoris. In addition to increasing libido, testosterone affects how much pleasure women get from their sexual experiences.
  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH): HGH is produced in the pituitary gland and is responsible for muscle, bone and cell growth throughout the body. The protein-based hormone stimulates the liver to produce somatomedins, which promote cell growth and division. As we age, our bodies produce much less of this hormone, which can have a detrimental effect on our physical health, appearance and wellbeing.
  • Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA): DHEA is the hormone that balances other hormone levels in the body, including progesterone, estrogen and testosterone. Our bodies produce less DHEA as we age, which typically leads to symptoms we chalk up to the aging process
  • Lipotropic B Complex MIC Injections: For those who want to accelerate the results of their hormone therapy plan, we often recommend special “fat-burning” B Complex MIC injections. They make it possible to build muscle and burn fat fast, while providing a boost of energy that helps you make the most out of your improved moods and your heightened attitudes.
  • “GAC” Essentials: NuLife Institute’s “GAC” Essentials provide the body with an instant injectable boost in several key amino acids and compounds that can reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and burn fat—with a number of other associated benefits. By combining L-Glutamine with L-Arginine and L-Carnitine (“GAC”) this power-packed supplement can enhance the results you’re getting from Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

Physicians at NuLife Institute carefully evaluate each patient’s current hormonal levels to determine precisely which and how much hormone needs to be included in bio-identical hormone therapy.

Hormones may be administered through a number of delivery methods, including:

  • Oral supplementation (pills or under the tongue)
  • Topical (creams and gels)
  • Injection

Think you might be Suffering?
Call (305) 400-0005 Today for Your FREE “Internal Blueprint” Assessment

“Internal Blueprint” Assessment

If you think you might be suffering from hormonal imbalance or deficiency as a result of menopause or aging then don’t hesitate … just pick up the phone.

Our Patient Care Advisors are standing by to answer your questions and schedule your FREE “Internal Blueprint” Assessment.

This proprietary diagnostic provides both you and our physicians with a snapshot of your body’s internal makeup—the first step toward finding out which of our programs could radically improve your life.

By restoring your body’s hormones to the balanced levels you enjoyed in your 20’s and 30’s, our physicians can help you feel happier, healthier and more vibrant than you have in years—if ever!

By restoring your body’s hormones to the balanced levels you enjoyed in your 20’s and 30’s, our physicians can help you feel happier, healthier and more vibrant than you have in years—if ever!

So if you want to live your life to its fullest—mentally, physically, and emotionally—you now have the chance to do so, with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) at NuLife Institute!

But remember; we can’t help until you pick up that phone.

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