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Involving Your Partner

Therapy for Women

According to Dr. Ann Monis, Licensed Psychologist, "it is not uncommon for both men and women alike to suffer from the hormonal effects of aging. It is a widely known fact that as we age, our brains and bodies change and often times, these changes may lead to hormonal deficiencies and/or overall hormonal imbalances. These hormonal imbalances can lead to undesirable symptoms, most of which can be remedied with appropriately administered Hormone Replacement Therapy."

If you think your partner may be experiencing a hormonal imbalance of any kind, it is important to bring this to his/her attention in a loving and gentle manner.  Dr. Monis recommends that you consider a few simple tips when talking with your partner: 

  • Be supportive and gentle. Your partner is more likely to respond in a positive manner when he or she feels supported, loved and comforted. Remind your partner that his/her happiness is extremely important to you and that you are fully committed to helping in any way you can.

  • Give your partner complete and undivided attention when discussing this sensitive topic. Keep in mind that the symptoms associated with hormonal imbalances are often a source of frustration, mood instability, and sometimes even anger.

  • Remind your partner that the symptoms of hormonal imbalances may be subtle and similar to those caused by other medical conditions. Offer to help research the topics together and if need be, to help make any necessary appointments.

  • Encourage your partner to discuss his/her symptoms with a doctor who specializes in Hormone Replacement Therapy.

  • Offer to accompany your partner to the doctor’s office, but let your partner know that you will not be offended if he/she chooses to go alone. Allow your partner to make a guilt-free independent decision regarding how and when he/she would like to take that first step toward a healthier mind and body.

Feel free to email Dr. Monis with any questions at Amonis@drannmonis.com.

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