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Hormone Therapy & Age Management Specialists

NuLife Institute delivers outstanding results to each and every client— all because of our elite physicians and medical staff.

Dr. Luis Dominguez  

Medical Director Dr. Luis Dominguez has been working with advanced medical anti-aging methods for over 14 years—making him one of the world’s leading specialists. Certified by the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine, Dr. Dominguez focuses on transformative programs and high-end procedures (like Platelet-Rich Plasma), Dr. Dominguez is an artist and a miracle worker that’s dedicated to maximum results & maximum wellness for each patient.

“Getting older is inevitable, but how we age is now in our control. Our goal here at the NuLife Institute is to create a complete lifestyle change, and in return, experience a more enjoyable quality of life.” —Dr. Luis Dominguez

Holds Certifications at:

American Academy of Anti- Aging Medicine (A4M)

University of Miami (Undergraduate)
Pre-Medical Concentration
Class of 1990

Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine
Class of 1994

Dr. Dominguez holds State Medical License’s in:


Dr. Frank J. Welch  

Dr. Frank Welch is one of the world’s leading advocates & experts in the field of Hormone Replacement Therapies, with over 15 years of experience in academic and public health services. As a board-certified Fellow of the American Board of Preventive Medicine, his unique expertise and holistic approach have helped thousands develop effective age management programs that vastly improve their quality of life. Dr. Welch is certified in anti-aging medicine with a special interest in diet and nutrition, weight loss, treatment of andropause / hypogonadism, male menopause treatments for androgen deficiency including testosterone replacement treatments.

Holds Certifications at:

Age Management Medical Group (AMMG)
American Academy of Anti- Aging Medicine (A4M)

Tulane University School Public Health & Tropical Medicine
Residency, Preventive Medicine, 1994 - 1997

University of New Mexico
Residency, Internal Medicine, 1993 - 1994

University of New Mexico School of Medicine
Class of 1993

Dr. Welch holds State Medical License’s in:
Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and New York.


Why You Need a Hormone Specialist

Many doctors are familiar with the concepts and terminology of “Low-T” and Hormone Replacement Theory—but few are well versed in the field.

Much like your General Practitioner would recommend a specialist for other acute medical conditions, they should be recommending a specialist for the treatment of Low Testosterone or common symptoms of Andropause (a rapid decline in hormone levels that can affect men as young as their mid-to-late 30’s).

If your doctor is not recommending a specialist there could be cause for concern—since many Practitioners consider symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, or weight gain to be the effects of natural aging.

However, it’s not always that simple …

In reality, Andropause & Low-T are very serious conditions that can have major medical consequences; including increased risk of heart disease and untimely death (according to recent medical studies).

Hormone Specialists vs. General Practitioners

Our Hormone Replacement Specialists are aware of these facts, and are equipped with our innovative “Internal Blueprint” assessment to diagnose your specific conditions and restoreperfect the balance of key hormones in your body—in turn restoring the vitality and energy that define the best years of your life.

NuLife Institutephysicians are the world’s only providers of this radical new assessment; and they specialize in treating age-related conditions through proven, long-term treatments.

With decades of experience in this cutting-edge field, our specialists can help make you look & feel younger while preparing you for some of the best years of your life.

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