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Discover What Stem Cell Therapy Is and Why It Matters

Stem Cell Therapy has evolved from being an abstract, experimental concept around which arguments about ethics and the law raged, to an accessible and pragmatic treatment option for an increasing number of ailments.

But how much do we really know about Stem Cell Therapy?  Many of us have an idea that it’s something to do with the body healing itself, but how does that happen?  And what exactly is a stem cell?  This fascinating branch of medicine is definitely worth learning more about.

Stem cells are the key constituents of every single organ and tissue in your body.  There are different types: embryonic stems cells that are formed during the most nascent stages of life and the ones present in our adult bodies.

NuLife Institute medical experts are available to talk at (305) 400 -0015 to help you learn more about how Stem Cell Therapy works and what it can do for you.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Undifferentiated – that is, not yet specialized – stem cells are remarkable.  They have the ability to duplicate themselves and transform into the various cell types needed by the body.  Stem cells are vital to our wellbeing: if we cut ourselves, our immune system taps into our homogenous – or undifferentiated – stem cells to repair the damage to our skin and tissue.

However, adult stem cells are affected by the aging process.  As we get older, the potency of our stem cells begins to decline.  The cells become less proficient at differentiating into other types of cell.  Scientists are constantly engaged in the clinical exploration of how Stem Cell Therapy can repair, restore and replace damaged tissue and improve health outcomes across the board.

But how exactly does that happen?  How stem cells are administered is the nitty-gritty of Stem Cell TherapyThe very nature of stem cells determines the process: they are injected directly into the affected area, or into the blood stream if necessary.  The stem cells know what to do.  They get to work, commencing the cellular regeneration process.

Our medical experts are available to talk at (305) 400 -0015 to help you learn more about how Stem Cell Therapy can eliminate joint pain, inflammation and cartilage problems and treat cardiac conditions and other ailments.

Stem Cell Therapy is at the cutting-edge of clinical research.  Our bespoke stem cell programs make this pioneering process accessible by developing customized stem cell solutions to suit the individual.

NuLife Institute is one of the principal centers for Stem Cell Therapy in MiamiCall today at (305) 400-0015 to arrange your FREE consultation and find out how Stem Cell Therapy can improve your life and wellbeing.

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