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Decoding Your Body’s “Internal Blueprint™” is the First Step


Decoding Your Body’s “Internal Blueprint” for the Best Hormone Therapy

Hormone depletion is a natural side effect of human aging that affects us all.

But for millions of men and women, this process can begin years or even decades too early — causing us to experience premature symptoms of aging and deterioration; impacting everything from our metabolism & weight to energy levels and even heart health.

This condition afflicts 1 out of every 4 men over the age of 30 — and it’s virtually undetectable using traditional diagnostics like X-Rays, MRIs or CT Scans.

In order to diagnose these acute hormone deficiencies, you have to decode your body’s “Internal Blueprint” which is exactly what our proprietary assessments can do …

Using multiple stages of cutting-edge diagnostic technology, this analysis allows our medical specialists to map out each of your body’s key internal levels … providing a more comprehensive picture of your own personal health than you’ve ever had before. Using information from your body’s Internal Blueprint™, our experts are able to perfectly customize Hormone Replacement Therapy (or HRT) that is the cornerstone of almost every successful NuLife Institute Age Management Program — restoring the natural hormonal balance that you remember from the best years of your life.

The results are stunning, and the benefits are nearly endless …

Restoring Your Body’s Hormonal Balance for Improved Virility & Strength

You’ve probably already heard of “Low-T.” And if you’re like most men, you associate testosterone with libido, sexual function and youthful physical prowess. Few actually realize testosterone is much more important. You see, hormones control virtually every aspect of our physiology — helping to increase muscle mass, manage fat & cholesterol levels, stimulate libido and keep our minds focused. Even dopamine and serotonin — our body’s “Happy Chemicals” — rely on hormones to keep us in a good mood.

That’s why a decrease in testosterone levels can often lead to a variety of unhealthy and unexpected consequences …

  • Consider; for example, a recent study that showed men with suboptimal testosterone levels are 60% more likely to suffer Coronary Artery Disease. Without enough of the hormone to help regulate cholesterol levels and blood flow, men with Low-T experience more risk factors that could lead to a heart attack.
  • Or another study, which revealed that men with Low-T are 33% more likely to die young from a variety of causes. They were also three times more likely to have a waistline greater than 40 inches in diameter.

Hormone Replacement Therapy helps to prevent these kinds of consequences by safely and scientifically restoring your body’s hormone levels—helping you feel happier, healthier, and more alive than you have in years. Using hormones that are bioidentical to your own—all the way down to the molecular level—medical specialists can help you turn back the clock and virtually erase decades of aging in a matter of weeks …

  • Rapid muscle building and a reduction in body fat
  • Peak mental performance and clear memory
  • Greater sex drive and better romantic experiences
  • Reduced risk of Coronary Artery Disease by up to 60% (compared to men with suboptimal testosterone levels)
  • Boosted energy levels, improved mood, and much more

In a matter of weeks, you’ll notice the results.
Your memory will start to clear up, your energy levels will rise andyou’ll simply start to feel … younger. Just imagine how your wife will respond when she sees you with the chiseled physique she fell in love with so many years ago. Picture your co-workers’ reactions when you start giving the newly hired 20-year-olds a run for their money.

Aging is a state of mind.
And you don’t have to act your age if you don’t want to. Hormone Replacement Therapy is the first and most important step to take towards a new life, and a new you.

So stop telling yourself you’re just“getting old.”

Because now, we can diagnose hormone deficiency “Low-T” with ease. Here at NuLife Institute, our team of Hormone Replacement Specialists realizes that Low-T can be a very serious condition—a crucial imbalance that keeps you from enjoying your life and can even put your long-term health at risk. If we identify an issue with your hormone levels, we can then create a customized program—using the latest innovations in Testosterone Therapy (or “TRT”) to create an effective natural solution.

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