Dalila PalaciosPatient Care Advisor


    Dalila Palacios embodies the vibrant Miami culture as she is a native to Miami, FL. She was born and raised just blocks away from what is now NuLife Institute. Dalila found what she calls her “first passion” after a school trip to a theater production of sleeping beauty in the 1st grade. She fell in love with the theater that day. After graduating from high school, she went on to study Medical Assisting while having an internship at the same theater she had seen Sleeping Beauty Several years prior. After landing her first role in musical theater, she was hooked and went on to perform in many musical theater productions. After becoming a mother, she retired from the vibrant performing arts scene in Miami and went on to find what she calls her “new passion” in helping others and went on to become an Advisor. She has helped many people, throughout her 10-year career, achieve their goals. She found that seeing others fulfill their dreams was very rewarding and would like to think she had a little something to do with that. This passion she has for helping others coupled with her medical background makes her a perfect fit for NuLife Institute. Now Dalila brings that passion here to our clients!

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