Monika Arenas is a licensed and Registered Dietitian, NASM certified personal trainer, author, and creator of Feed Me Health. She graduated from Florida International University in 2012 with a BS in Dietetics & Nutrition after completing a 1200-hour comprehensive internship in two hospitals and an eating disorder treatment center. Monika is a current PUMA sponsored athlete, essential oil educator and YouTube Vlogger.

Monika teaches a variety of health modalities ranging from personal and group nutrition and fitness training as well as educational courses on holistic health using essential oils, meditation, and mind-body talks. Her passion is driven by seeing others develop a healthier relationship with themselves, in helping them accomplish their goals while ditching extreme diets, unsustainable regimens, and all-or-nothing mindsets.

By combining both her clinical and spiritual practices, Monika works with clients in person or one-on-one all over the world via virtual sessions to create custom nutrition, fitness and lifestyle programs that enable her clients to step into their higher selves thus experiencing incredible mind-body transformations.

Born to Colombian parents, Monika is fully bilingual in Spanish and frequently travels to Colombia to educate on health and wellness where she was partially raised. Find her connecting with the South Florida consciousness communities and actively growing and supporting others in the field of health, healing, and self-love.