Stephanie De VaalSenior Patient Care Advisor


    Stephanie de Vaal is a Patient Care Advisor at NuLife Institute. She was born in Mexico City and raised in Weston, Florida. Stephanie graduated from Florida Atlantic University with her Bachelors in Exercise Science and Health Promotion and later continued her education at Barry University, completing her Masters in Biomedical Sciences. Stephanie’s love and passion for medicine has motivated her to continue her journey on learning about the human body and its evolution. Her experience in customer service during the last nine years allows her to care for her patients at a deep level and assure they are well informed and happy with the treatments they decide to undergo. Stephanie worked in the medical device industry for two years specializing in cardiopulmonary diagnostic equipment and dedicated that time to teaching her clients and distributors about the physiology of the body as well as the technological advantages provided by the products.

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