Over the last 20 years, Hines has been involved in the Health & Wellness industry in some form or fashion. Earning his B.S. degree in Kinesiological Science from the University of Maryland, Hines has a sincere passion for health and human performance, where he also played Strong Safety for the Terrapins.

As an independent Personal Trainer for over 10 years, Hines was able to write programs for professional athletes including Tim Hardaway Jr., Derrick Caracter, and Mario Chalmers. In addition, he was a special consultant for Dr. Jonathan Whyte, Chief Medical Officer of Discovery Channel Health. However, Hines’ felt his biggest impact was in assisting his stable base of weekend warriors and seniors, who had a desire to live longer healthier lives.

Currently as a Patient Care Advisor for NuLife Institute, Hines brings a wealth of experience as he has worked with patients all over the country assisting them with Hormone Replacement Therapy, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine programs. Hines is a self-proclaimed “foodie”, and enjoys working out on the beach and spending time with his two Canary Mastiffs Moka and Kanza.