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New Research Gives Encouraging News To Men With Low Testosterone Levels

A new clinical study has found that Testosterone Therapy can be an effective solution for men suffering with symptoms of depression linked to low testosterone levels.

The scientific findings published earlier this year by The Journal of the American Medical Association, sought to find an answer to the question that affects millions of men every year: can testosterone treatment alleviate depression caused by Low T?

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Testosterone Therapy Can Reduce Low T-Linked Depressive Symptoms

To find their answer, the researchers studied 1,890 men in total, who presented with low testosterone blood levels and reported symptoms of depression. The test subjects were grouped into those who were provided with testosterone treatments, compared with the group given a placebo.

“Testosterone treatment is associated with a significant reduction in depressive symptoms compared with placebo.”

Walther A, Breidenstein J, Miller R. 

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The scientists found that Testosterone Treatment was ‘effective and efficacious in reducing depressive symptoms in men.’

One significant part of the study found that the therapeutic effects of the Testosterone Treatment were generally more pronounced when a higher dosage was administered – more than .5 grams per week.

The team behind the report note that more study and trials are needed in this exciting area of medicine, but the results are enormously encouraging for anyone suffering with Low T. 

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