The Future of Regenerative Medicine?

Nulife Institute leads the field in Regenerative Medicine. We offer pioneering stem cell therapy to achieve life-altering medical breakthroughs.

Stem cell therapy stimulates your own body to repair inflammation, trauma and orthopedic injuries without surgery. Possibly the most advanced yet accessible treatment available today, stem cell therapy means that your cells can be used to repair your body.

Stem Cell Therapy fuels your healing from within

Is chronic joint pain or range of motion holding you back from playing sports, working out in the gym or stopping you from living life to its fullest? Would you like to eliminate the need for surgery, cortisone injections, pain medications or chiropractic intervention?

Whether you’re 30 or 80, our revolutionary stem cell therapy will get you fully back in the game.


Stem cells have the capacity to change into any healthy cell in the human body.  Located in almost every organ and tissue, stem cells are capable of transforming into skin, bone, heart and muscle cells, among others.  However, like any other cells, stem cells age.  The ReGen® Series uses umbilical cord stem cells, to ensure that the cells are as young and healthy as possible.  With fast treatment and incredible results, the ReGEn® Series is the future of regenerative medicine.


Regenerative medicine is the process of renewing or engineering human cells, tissues, organs and proteins for the purpose of restoring healthy function.  One of the key components of regenerative medicine is the use of cell replacement and specifically, stem cells.


Here’s how it works:

Participating hospitals invite screened mothers expecting normal, healthy births to donate umbilical cord tissues, which is otherwise discarded. Umbilical cord tissue is an excellent source of high-quality stem cells that can be used in regenerative medicine.

At the time of birth, a specialized procedure is used to extract the umbilical cord tissue and blood, which is then taken to our cGMP and GTP (Good Manufacturing Practices/Good Tissue Practices) compliant lab to be screened and made into our regenerative medical product. Shipped by Liveyon, the exclusive distributor of our partner laboratory, our regenerative medicine is sold in standardized concentrations to clinics and medical facilities worldwide.


Physicians use stem cell therapy in the treatment of a wide variety of medical diseases, disorders, and traumas.   This ground-breaking remedy can dramatically change orthopedic outcomes by removing the need – for example – for knee replacement or surgical intervention.  Practitioners also use stem cells in pain management, cardiology, rheumatology, and neurology.






The ReGen® Series stem cell treatment can be conducted in under half an hour with zero downtime.  Get treated and go back to the gym or work on the same day.



There are more than 200,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications on PubMed, detailing positive outcomes following the use of stem cells. Stem cells can be deployed to wherever they are needed by their biological homing response to cell signals from the site of injury.

The stem cells lock on to the injury site and begin the repair process by releasing cytokines; proteins that stimulate the movement of other cells towards the trauma or inflammation site.


Thousands of people have experienced positive outcomes following stem cell treatment.

Schedule a free consultation with a physician to see if stem cell therapy is right for you.

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I discovered NuLife Institute randomly through a holiday promotion and found the response to my inquiry to be prompt and courteous. The process of getting my information submitted & reviewed by their medical professionals was easy and seamless. Additionally – I was able to complete a comprehensive profile electronically in addition to receiving documents and instructions for the appropriate blood panels & screening. My meeting at NuLife Institute was remarkable – Close personal attention and very candid discussion with the physician and staff. I was particularly impressed by the thorough attention to detail and the many options available to customize my Program. I am excited to start the journey with NuLife Institute and the reassurance of full availability for questions and follow-up is extremely reassuring. 5 Stars!
Peter Carvalho
Peter Carvalho
20:49 15 Jan 18
When I first started my program I was not sure how the results would work. After 5 weeks the results have been amazing. I am down from 208 to 192 and my body fat dropped dramatically. The Dr and staff have been great. Alysha is amazing and always answers my questions while keeping me going in the right direction.
Scott Dascani
Scott Dascani
23:31 18 Mar 18
Best service and staff around! I strongly recommend them. They strive to meet all expectations. The appointment with the Doc was awesome too. Thanks Alysha for your care. Thumbs up
Hernan Quintero
Hernan Quintero
16:16 14 Mar 18
NuLife has absolutely changed my health. There professional care has led me to realize I had some unbalanced hormones. Dr. Dominguez was super delightful. He helped me get on the right track. He answered all my questions and concerns. Betsy was amazing keeping in touch with me before my first visit. She made sure after the visit to check in with me on how my progress was doing and she continues to do it till this day 🙂 Thank you Nulife you have brought such positive outcomes for me. I highly recommend them! I couldn’t ask for a better doctor to guide me through all this.
Samantha Molnar
Samantha Molnar
04:25 01 Feb 18
I must say, NuLife Institute truly exceeded my expectations! Starting from their beautiful facility, knowledge, expertise, courteous & professional staff & are treated like family. Dr. Dominguez is truly wonderful! He makes you feel very comfortable & truly walks you through the procedure. Today I returned for my 2nd PRP facial rejuvenation treatment & was very excited! I have achieved great results & receive many compliments on my beautiful & glowing skin. I will be a long-term patient of NuLife as I can’t thank them enough!
Mailet Gonzalez Cabrera
Mailet Gonzalez Cabrera
21:53 01 Mar 18
I went to NuLife Institute just 8 short weeks ago and it has already changed my life. I am about to turn 50, watch my diet and go to the gym 6 days a week. Yet with all that work I was not able to meet my fitness goals. A knowledgeable trusted friend told me about NuLife and the fact that even with all the commitment I was unlikely to be successful because my body just isn't producing the hormones I need to achieve my goals.I am two months in and have reduced by body fat percentage from 26 to 20 and I have added 7 pounds of lean muscle mass. I look better than I have in a long time and I plan on losing another 20 pounds of fat and add 6 more pounds of lean muscle mass.I am so pleased that this "missing ingredient" to my long term health and wellness has been discovered. Do some reading fro yourself and you will discover the long term benefits to organs, wellness etc.I have only touched on the physical elements, the mental clarity improvements have been incredible and the energy levels the best I have had in 20 years. My life just got a whole lot better! Don't hesitate start to look into this for yourself. You will be asking yourself the same thing I am - why did I wait so long to do this!
Darren Budden
Darren Budden
17:59 09 Apr 18

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