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What is age management?

What is Age Management? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005

Age Management Medicine focuses on optimizing your health and enhancing your quality of life while simultaneously reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, bone fractures and dementia.

There is a powerful, scientifically confirmed connection between metabolism and aging. In its broadest sense, “metabolism” is a network of numerous processes that take place within the body. Your metabolism is at the heart of every chemical change that occurs in your system. All major cellular activity, every vital chemical process, every organ function – all are impacted by metabolic processes. Our bodies are walking, talking laboratories operating twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, keeping us ticking and moving and alive. Hormones are the “change agents” of metabolism, directing the activities of cells, chemicals and organs.

Aging brings with it a decline in hormone effectiveness and hormonal decline, in turn, weakens the body’s metabolic functioning. The result? Metabolic “slow down” including weight gain (the spare tire), thinning hair, loss of muscle, poor recovery from exercise, decreased strength, energy, sexual function and cognition. Most people are familiar with the markers of aging but do not appreciate how hormonal decline, which begins in the 30′s, undermine optimal metabolic function and lead to disorders of aging such as diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis and more.

Age Management Medicine aims to reverse this decline, which leads to unhealthy aging. It is the science of “metabolic optimization,” proactively addressing hormones and other elements, which in turn, reinvigorate the body’s metabolic processes. Disorders of aging are NOT inevitable; At NuLife Institute, they can be prevented or, if detected, reversed before health is significantly affected!

What is Low T?

What is Low-T? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005

As men age, they will go through a process called Andropause (commonly known as male menopause), during which the production of Testosterone decreases. This may often be called ‘Low-T.’ Low levels of Testosterone may adversely affect male sex drive and performance, energy levels, sleep cycles, as well as muscle and bone mass. As a matter of fact, longitudinal studies of male subjects (conducted over the course of 5, 10, and 15 year increments), have clearly ascertained that low Testosterone levels in men nearly double the risk of developing diabetes and greatly increase the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Studies have also revealed that higher levels of Testosterone are positively correlated with longer and healthier life spans. The signs and symptoms associated with ordinary aging may be difficult to differentiate from the common symptoms of low Testosterone. As a matter of fact, it is not uncommon for the symptoms associated with low Testosterone levels to be erroneously diagnosed as other medical conditions (such as depression). It is also not uncommon to find low Testosterone levels in patients who have already been diagnosed with diabetes and as such, it is recommended by the Endocrine Society that individuals with Type 2 Diabetes, have their Testosterone levels checked regularly.

My sex drive is not what it used to be. Could it be my hormones?

My sex drive is not what it used to be….? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


Yes. A deficiency of testosterone in men and women can cause a low libido. NuLife Institute’s testosterone replacement programs have been successful with more than 90% of our patients with sexual dysfunction, including: low libido, loss of sex drive, and even erectile dysfunction.

Will hormone therapy help sexual dysfunction?

Will Hormone Therapy help sexual dysfunction? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


Sexual dysfunction can have many causes. Hormone supplementation can provide significant improvement. We suggest raising your testosterone to a healthy level to boost your sex drive and address problems with erectile dysfunction caused by low testosterone. If there is still a need for additional assistance, there are other hormone treatment options available after talking to your doctor. Hormone Replacement Therapy has proven effective in over 90% of patients who suffer from sexual dysfunction (including low libido, loss of sex drive and erectile dysfunction), due to Low T.

Can I increase my “T” level without hormone supplementaion?

Can I increase my "T" Level without Hormones? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


In very mild cases of andropause, exercise and changing your diet may help increase testosterone levels.

How is testosterone supplemented?

How is Testosterone supplemented? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


Testosterone is replaced by injection or by using a transdermal, topical testosterone cream or gel, formulated to your needs, and applied to the skin.

What is Human Growth Hormone Therapy?

What is Human Growth Hormone Therapy? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


Many highly-recognized studies have demonstrated that stabilizing and returning HGH levels back to the healthy, normal range will cause the severely debilitating symptoms of aging to be significantly reduced and, in some cases, even eliminated. HGH is produced in the Pituitary Gland and works by stimulating the liver, which responds by producing somatomedins. HGH is critical to healing, tissue repair, muscle growth, bone strength, and brain function. HGH is the cornerstone hormone for energy; metabolism; physical health and performance; and mental focus and clarity.

Unfortunately, as humans age, their Human Growth Hormone levels decrease.More specifically, beginning in the early 20′s, HGH secretion declines from 10-20% per decade. As a matter of fact, at the age of 50, humans secrete approximately 80% less HGH than they did in their 20′s and by the time humans reach their 60′s, they barely produce any HGH at all! This is diagnosed by physicians as Adult Growth HormoneDeficiency (AGHD). Proper HGH Therapy Can:

  • Increase in lean muscle and reverse muscle wasting
  • Increase energy and emotional stability
  • Reduce body fat and increase bone density and strength
  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol and improve cardiovascular strength
  • Remove wrinkles and improve skin texture and elasticity
  • Improve kidney function and accelerate wound healing
  • Improve hair texture and thickness
  • Increase sexual potency and frequency
  • Increase mental functioning and strength
  • Improve immunity and healing
Are there side effects to hormone supplementation?

Are there side effects to hormone supplementation? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


There is an overwhelmingly large body of scientific evidence that suggests bioidentical hormone therapy is safer and more effective than synthetic hormone replacement. However, as is the case with any medical advance, it is important to note that no procedure, drug, supplement or herb is fool proof. There is always a possibility for an adverse reaction or undesirable side effects. As such, anyone interested in Hormone Replacement Therapy is urged to consult with a hormone specialist before beginning any hormone therapy regimen.

Unlike many other companies, NuLife Institute requires a comprehensive physical examination, including a battery of extensive lab tests (scheduled by the Institute at your convenience), prior to prescribing any Hormone Replacement Therapy whatsoever. You can rest assured that the esteemed physicians at NuLife Institute will prescribe each Hormone Therapy program only if it is medically indicated. Please keep in mind that NuLife Institute uses only the highest quality bioidentical hormones that are FDA-approved and that each program will also include individualized nutrition counseling, exercise guidance, and vitamin/herbal supplement strategies to facilitate optimal results.

How can hormone management help women?

How can hormone management help women? bioidentical Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


Millions of women all over the world are currently suffering from various hormonal imbalances. Some of the most common hormonal imbalances include early menopause, perimenopausal symptoms, perimenopausal weight gain, adrenal fatigue, menopause, or premenstrual symptoms (PMS). The most common symptoms associated with the aforementioned imbalances include hot flashes, night sweats, trouble sleeping and weight gain. In many such cases, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is the solution! Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy for women is aimed at alleviating the following common symptoms:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Declining sexual interest or function
  • Reduction in strength and cardiovascular condition
  • Slower healing and physical recuperation
  • Decreased energy, drive and motivation
  • Increased body fat or loss of lean muscle
  • More injuries, muscle and joint aches and illness
  • Irritability, anxiety, and mild depression
  • Slower mental function and memory
  • Less restful sleep
Can NuLife use lab work previously completed by my Doctor?

Can NuLife Institute use previous lab work ? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


If the diagnostic blood panel corresponds with the specifications of NuLife Institute requirements, a panel as old as 90 days may be accepted. Results from mammograms, PAP smears, Bone Density data, X-rays, and Ultrasounds (performed within the past six months) may also be used. Ultimately, NuLife Institute physicians will perform a comprehensive diagnostic panel that will help determine exactly where your hormone levels stand today and a wellness regimen will then be tailored to meet your respective needs.

What are biodentical hormones?

What are bioidentical hormones? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


With naturally derived bioidentical hormones, women and men can find relief from symptoms of hormonal imbalance without the risks associated with synthetic hormones because the human body can metabolize bioidentical hormones properly. Bioidentical hormones – or bio identical hormones – are derived from naturally occurring sources, such as yams and soy, and are designed to replicate the same chemical structure as the hormones that are produced naturally by our bodies. Based on your hormone levels, a specialized treatment plan is constructed and implemented by the NuLife Institute to suit your individual needs. In other words, a special formula is compounded specifically for you and only you! On the other hand, synthetic hormones offer a universal one size fits all approach to Hormone Replacement Therapy. Since every bioidentical hormone therapy regimen is compounded on an individual basis, pharmaceutical companies can not patent the actual bioidentical formula. Instead, they manufacture synthetic hormones that are patentable. Unfortunately, however, countless recent studies have proven that traditional (synthetic) hormone therapy can increase the likelihood of various types of cancer and heart disease and this approach is thus generally frowned upon.

Can my doctor perform these services?

Can my doctor perform these services? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


Although many Doctors know the term “Hormone Replacement Therapy,” not many Doctors are well versed in the field. Many physicians believe that many of the symptoms associated with regular aging (such as fatigue and mood swings for example), are simply par for the course. However, specialists in Hormone Replacement Therapy do not adhere to such archaic ideas.

Hormone Replacement specialists believe that although we are aging, the process can be made more graceful and pleasant overall. True to their title, they specialize in making you feel your best by providing your body with necessary hormones that were previously depleted. NuLife Institute doctors are board certified in hormone therapy and specialize in the prevention and remedy of age-related conditions through proven, long-term treatments. They also are certified with the American Academy for Anti- Aging Medicine – the standard in the age management industry.

Some doctors are adding bioidentical hormone therapy services to their list of patient services, but are often unqualified to be considered a “specialist” in the field of bioidentical hormone therapy. When seeking hormone therapy, you should only trust physicians who are age management specialists are have been certified by the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine.

How do I know if I need hormonal supplement?

How do I know if I need hormonal supplement? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


Only the proper blood panel, interpreted by a specialist can identify hormone deficiencies or imbalances. Based on your hormone levels, a specialized treatment plan is constructed and implemented by the NuLife Institute to suit your individual needs. In other words, a special formula is compounded specifically for you and only you!

How long will I be on my program?

How long will I be on a program? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


The length of time you remain on your age management program depends on your specific needs. It is important to remember that when hormone treatment is discontinued, the hormone levels may eventually revert to baseline (pretreatment levels).

Can I apply for your services over the phone or online?

Can I apply for your services over the phone or online? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


No. For your safety and in compliance with legal regulations, all of our patients must be examined by one of our physicians before starting our hormone therapy programs.

Does the NuLife Institute accept insurance?

Does the NuLife Institute accept insurance? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


No. To provide the best treatment options (without restrictions by insurance companies), we do not accept insurance.

How much will my treatment cost?

How much will my treatment cost? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


Your health profile is unique and because our programs are designed to meet your specific needs, the exact costs will be based on the results of the lab work, physical exam, medical history, and symptoms.

When will I know that the program is working?

When will I know that the program is working ? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


Most patients generally report alleviated symptoms along with increased energy, focus, and drive within four to six weeks.

How do I get started?

How do I get started? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


The first phase of the NuLife Institute’s Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy program is the completion of a full panel of blood tests. Contact us to schedule your specialized blood panel tests! 1-305-400-0005 You can also use our on-line form.

Why should I choose NuLife Institute?

Why should I choose NuLife Institute? Call NuLife Institute (305) 400-0005


NuLife Institute is proud to provide our patients with a staff of physicians highly skilled in the area of hormone replacement therapy. Our team is committed to finding a treatment plan that will focus on your lifestyle and treatment goals, not anyone else’s.

Our physicians take the time to thoroughly assess each patient’s needs according to nutrition, lifestyle habits and hormonal deficiencies. This evaluation results in a customized approach to bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that is much more effective than the standard, one-size-fits-all approach administered by many companies.

Patients that come to our Miami office begin the process with thorough lab tests and a complete physical examination. This step must be completed before treatment options are even discussed.

We require you go through the examination and testing process first to ensure you will receive only the hormone supplementation they require to achieve the best possible results, and to also avoid over supplementation or under supplementation. In addition, patients will be given nutrition and exercise guidelines, as well as advice on nutritional and herbal supplementation to help them achieve optimal health at any stage of life.

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