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1040 Biscayne Blvd 8th floor, Miami, FL 33132
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I have been a client of Nulife's for several years. at 47 years old I feel and look as great as I did at 30! I have referred Nulife to many of my friends over the years and all of them are as happy as I am.
Lanelle Phillips
Lanelle Phillips
5 months ago
As a 54 year old athlete that loves to train every day, I am very thankful to NuLife Institute for helping me enjoy what I love to do every day. Strongly recommended!
Ric Caselli
Ric Caselli
2 months ago
The best hormone therapy clinic in Miami by far. From testosterone therapy to human growth hormone, they have it all. After my initial consultation with NuLife hormone specialist doctor Dominguez it became very clear they care about their patients well-being. After it was confirmed I had low testosterone which caused issues with my drive, motivation, memory, and muscle mass, I felt compelled to try their program. Very quickly I noticed changes in my mental acuity, improved drive, and reduced pain in joints. I am now starting their HGH therapy in their Miami location, and with the support from the NuLife anti-aging specialists, I am confident I will stay sharp, healthy, and active.
1 month ago

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