Posted July 24, 2021
By Dr. Luis Dominguez In Nutrition

Common Workout Mistakes That Can Sabotage Effective Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Miami FLThese exercise mistakes can get in the way of effective weight loss.

Have you ever asked yourself, “why am I exercising and not losing weight?”

If so, you are not alone!

Fitness experts say that novices and seasoned “gym rats” alike often make one or more of these common exercise mistakes that can keep you from reaching your weight loss goals.

  1. You Refuel With Too Much Protein

    Most people understand that exercise is a process of tearing down and then building back up. So, they know to eat protein to refuel and help build muscle after a strenuous workout.

    However, a mistake many people make is thinking that the more you eat, the better you will build. Not true all it takes is a small amount of protein to optimizes results after working out, only about 20 grams.

  2. Stopping an Exercise Too Soon

    People often give up and do not complete the number of reps recommended for a given exercise or do the entire circuit in a routine. Not completing the entire exercise will impede weight loss.

    If you stop the movie halfway through, then your muscles won’t contract properly, and there will be less fat burn. Even if you have to work out at a slower pace, it is best to complete every exercise.

  3. Not Working Out Often Enough

    Getting up off the couch and doing any kind of exercise is, of course, commendable. But, if you really want to achieve serious weight loss, you have to commit to a regular schedule at the gym, at least 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

  4. Not Fueling Up Properly Before a Workout

    A common exercise mistake that gets in the way of weight loss is not fueling up properly before a workout.

    Many people who are looking to lose weight think that it’s best to eat very little or even fast before working out in the mistaken belief that the exercise will cause the body to “burn fat” in the absence of food to burn.

    This is false. In fact, the opposite is true. A reasonable amount of carbs will fuel your workout and provide the energy you need to really burn calories!

  5. Not Taking Enough Down Time

    Again, exercise to lose weight is a process of breaking down and building back up. If you do not take enough time to relax and rejuvenate between workouts, your body produces the stress hormone cortisol, which does not allow you to burn fat properly.

    If you are not taking off days between workouts, be sure to do different types of exercises or move different muscle groups each day.

What You Need to Know About Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss Miami FL

For many people dieting and even exercising correctly still do not get them to their weight loss goals. This can be a combination of factors – none of which are your fault!

Medical weight loss can literally be just what the doctor ordered to help you to achieve your long-term weight loss goals.

Medical weight loss is an approach to managing your weight that focuses on doctor-supervised plans that could involve FDA-approved medications, diet, exercise, supplementation, behavior modification, and often hormone optimization.

At NuLife Institute, we realize that not all patients struggling with weight are the same. Unlike some other facilities, we never take a cookie-cutter approach to physician-guided weight loss, but instead, we tailor your program to your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Our medical director, Dr. Luis Dominguez,  ensures that at NuLife, we take your health and our name seriously, and we offer overweight patients a “new life” that they never dreamed possible with our medical weight loss plans.

“I was what they call ‘morbidly obese.’ I tried every diet and weight loss plan you could imagine. Weight Watchers, Atkins, Keto, shmeeto, whatever, you name it, I tried it. All I managed to do was lose a few pounds only to put them back on and more a few months later! After getting on a medical weight loss program with Dr. D, in less than a year, I’m already down over 50 pounds, and I know they are going to help me keep it off. I look great, I feel great, and I feel like a person again!”

Frank, M., Miami, FL

If you are a man or a woman who is tired of being overweight and of yo-yo diet programs that never work, why not contact us today at (305) 400-0005, and let us design a medical weight loss plan that is right for you!

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