Posted July 1, 2021
By Dr. Luis Dominguez In Health

Six Foods With a Powerful Antiaging Punch

Antiaging Clinics Miami FLAt our Miami area antiaging clinics, we teach people about diet and lifestyle changes that can help them live longer, healthier life.

Did you know that there are a variety of tasty, healthy foods that can help you to live longer?

Here is a list of six foods that pack a powerful antiaging punch!

  1. Pumpkin

    As a carved Jack-o-Lantern, the humble pumpkin was said to have the power to ward off evil spirits. I am not sure about that, but it is a superfood loaded with the power to boost your immune system and ward off sickness and age-related oxidation.

    Pumpkin is very high in fiber and low in calories, and it packs an array of disease-fighting nutrients, including potassium, pantothenic acid, magnesium, and vitamins C and E.

    But its most powerful antiaging punch is that this holiday favorite has one of the richest supplies of bioavailable carotenoids known to man.

  2. Sweet potatoes

    Try not to go too far with the sugared, buttered, and marshmallow-topped variety, typical of holiday dishes, and instead enjoy the natural goodness of sweet potatoes. They are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, and copper.

    Vitamin A is a beta-carotene that reduces oxidation, as does vitamin C, and it encourages the growth of new cells.

    Both vitamins are very common in many antiaging products. Copper has been linked to helping to improve the look and elasticity of your skin.

  3. Cranberries

    This tart little superfood does not enjoy the yearlong popularity of some of its phytochemical-rich cousins, such as blueberries, but you can hardly set a holiday table without them.

    Not only is this tangy nutritional gem low in calories, but it also has more antioxidants than spinach or broccoli.

    These antioxidants reduce inflammation and cellular damage, which occurs as you age.  Again, as with pumpkins and sweet potatoes, do not counteract all the goodness with a big hunk of cranberry cheesecake.

    Try to stick to the berry in its purest form or in dishes that do not have a ton of added sugar.

  4. Beets

    The brightly-colored root is bursting with vitamins A and C and fiber. Beets also contain the important phytochemical known as betaine. Betaine has been found in clinical studies to provide powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxification support.

    Eating beets have also been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease and help with weight loss. Some studies have indicated that drinking beet juice increases stamina and endurance.

  5. Green Beans

    That ubiquitous green bean casserole is a source of vitamin C and silicon. Vitamin C is a very powerful anti-aging and anti-oxidant.

    Silicon is essential to the strength and vitality of your bones and connective tissue and contributes to the health and firmness of your skin.

  6. Root Veggies

    The root vegetables, such as carrots and parsnips, do more than just add a little color to your holiday table. In fact, it is those very colors that give them their anti-aging properties.

    They are filled with the antioxidant vitamins A and C, and like pumpkins and sweet potatoes, they are also rich in beta carotenes and folate, which can help with healthy vision and more youthful-looking hair.

The Antiaging Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Antiaging Clinics Miami FL

It is absolutely a great idea to add these antiaging foods to your diet.

We also encourage all of our patients at our Miami area antiaging clinics to make lifestyle changes that can also add years to their life.

However, sometimes fitness and diet are not enough to make up for the ravages of aging.

The truth is most of the symptoms we think of as growing older, such as tiredness, weight gain, and sexual health issues, are all related to the steady decline of critical hormones as we age.

Hormone replacement therapy is the most effective treatment option for relieving the typical symptoms of age-related hormone decline in men and women.

Two of the most critical hormones to maintaining youth have been proven to be testosterone and human growth hormone. That is why our bioidentical hormone treatment programs are designed to optimize your levels of these hormones.

Depending on your symptoms, you may need testosterone therapy or HGH therapy, or both. We often combine HGH and testosterone replacement to allow our patients to age optimally and not have to give up any of the things they love about life just because they are growing older!

At NuLife Institute, we realize that not all patients experiencing age-related hormone decline are the same. Unlike some other facilities, we never take a cookie-cutter approach to hormone replacement but tailor your program to your unique needs, goals, and lifestyle.

Our medical director, Dr. Luis Dominguez, has used his unique, customized approach to help thousands of patients reverse the clock on aging and enjoy a whole new lease on life.

Dr. Luis Dominguez has applied his inquisitive mind and passion for evidence-based Integrative Medicine to focus on utilizing a whole-body approach that provides life-changing results.

“Since working with Dr. Dominguez and his staff at NuLife, I have never looked or felt better. I have more energy; my skin looks as good as my teenaged daughter’s, and my sex life has never been better! I am just looking and feeling so much better since getting on bioidentical hormone replacement that now, I can’t imagine living life without it! Thank you, NuLife!”

– Maria R. Miami, Fl.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about the many life-changing antiaging programs we have available, including but not limited to hormone replacement therapy, please contact us today by calling (305) 400-0005.

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