Regenerative Therapy for Joints

Joint Pain is becoming a growing and critical concern for most individuals. As inflammation, cartilage damage, and other causes of joint issues are becoming a more common occurrence! People are increasingly turning to Regenerative Therapy to relieve and cure joint pain.

Regenerative therapy is the combination of groundbreaking scientific knowledge harnessing the body’s natural ability to repair itself.  Embryonic cells are essentially ‘set to work,’ stimulating the body to replace damaged or declining cells.

Here at NuLife Institute we’re used to the familiar habit of referring to joint pain as ‘wear and tear’, but the truth is that joint pain is often caused by degenerative disorders.  One of these, osteoarthritis – where the articular cartilage has deteriorated – is one of the common ailments that can be successfully treated with Regenerative Medicine Treatment.

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Why Choose Regenerative Therapy?

In traditional medicine, painful joint symptoms are often treated with anti-inflammatory medications to nullify the pain.  In severe cases, doctors might even recommend joint replacement. Conventional treatments are usually aimed at managing pain – or replacing the joint with a prosthesis – rather than trying to cure the cause of it.

The science behind embryonic cell rejuvenation might seem complex and a little mind-blowing. However, at NuLife Institute, the procedure is straightforward and can often be administered during a lunch break with little to no downtime.

At NuLife Institute, our medical experts use embryonic cells in the joint treatments we offer. These types of cells are generally considered to be a superior source of the specific chondrocytes – the cells found in connective tissue – that stimulate cartilage regeneration.

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It is a remarkable process.  Once the embryonic cell joint injection has taken place, the optimized cells get to work. For any patient used to conventional medicine, the results can seem astonishingly quick.

The success of Regenerative therapy has been documented across the world.  In 2009, a comprehensive University of Paris study evaluated 342 patients with avascular osteonecrosis –hip pain caused by deteriorating or dead bone tissue – all of whom underwent Regenerative Therapy treatment.

When they were assessed between 8 and 18 years later, the findings were compelling.  The patients with the highest number of cells transplanted had palpably better outcomes.  As a result of stem cell treatment, the test subjects did not require any invasive surgery.

Will Regenerative Therapy Work For Me? 

Need help with joint pain?  NuLife Institute is one of the leading providers of Regenerative Therapy in Miami. Our expert medical team will customize a Regenerative  Joint Treatment program for you, with the aim of eliminating discomfort and giving you back a full range of pain-free movements.

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