How Regenerative Therapy Targets the Root Cause of Arthritis

Regenerative Therapy is transforming the medical landscape for the 21 million people in America who suffer from the most common form of arthritis – osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis can occur following injury, damage to the joints, or as part of the natural aging process.  It results in the loss or thinning of the flexible cartilage that keeps our joints moving freely. Osteoarthritis commonly affects the knees, hips, and spine, causing symptoms including:

  • Pain and stiffness

  • Enlarged, swollen joints

  • ‘Crackling’ sounds in the joints

  • Reduced movement

  • Weakness

  • Loss of muscle bulk

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Transforming Medical Outcomes

The conventional treatments for both osteoarthritis and autoimmune rheumatoid arthritis include medication of varying strengths, programs of suitable exercise, intra-articular medicine injected into the joint, or joint replacement surgery.

These treatments aim to deal with managing the pain of arthritis rather than targeting its cause of it. This is where Regenerative Therapy is wholly distinct from traditional treatments.

Regenerative Therapy means that embryonic cells are injected into the affected area, where they can develop into the specific cells needed by the body, such as cartilage or bone. It’s truly remarkable stuff. This cutting-edge treatment is revolutionizing how we ease the symptoms of arthritis while fixing the root cause.

Want to learn how Regenerative Therapy is transforming medical outcomes for people suffering from arthritis? Here at NuLife Institute, we only use embryonic cells in our treatments for the most effective, life-changing results. Call now to speak with our team of experts at (305)400-0005 and find out more.

Regenerative Therapy is ideal for people who want to continue to get the most out of an active life.  It can be carried out in the same amount of time it takes to eat lunch, and there is usually little to no post-treatment downtime.

The Global Advancement of Regenerative Therapy

The global embryonic cell market is expanding rapidly, with analysts predicting continued multi-billion dollar growth worldwide over the next few years. As the leading provider of Regenerative Therapy in Miami, we set the benchmark for delivering outstanding service and exceptional results for our clients.

NuLife Institute can arrange regenerative medicine treatments personalized to your needs. Call today at (305)400-0005 to arrange a FREE consultation and learn how Regenerative Therapy can change your life for the better.

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