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Find Out How Hormones Are Connected to Obesity and How Taking Semaglutide in Boca Raton Can Help.

Semaglutide Boca Raton FLBeing overweight doesn’t just happen when you eat too much or move too little. Other significant factors contribute to gaining weight, including hormones.

Hormones are chemical substances responsible for traveling throughout the body and helping the cells and organs function. In simple words, they’re referred to as “messenger molecules.”

So, how do hormones fit in the scenario of obesity?

Hormones are very much involved in many aspects of health. They affect a person’s mood, development, sexual function, appetite, and metabolism. It explains why when one releases exceedingly little or too much of a hormone, it affects their health condition – and weight is no exception.

Learn how your hormones affect your weight and why taking semaglutide in Boca Raton can help.

Semaglutide works by assisting the pancreas in releasing the right amount of insulin, a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels. The hormone insulin transports sugar from the blood to other body tissues, where it is used as energy.

Hormones that affect your weight

When it comes to losing weight, most will focus on changing something about their diet or doubling their efforts in exercise. Some people would frequently hop on a scale to determine whether they were shedding pounds.

If your weight fluctuates, it may be due to hormonal imbalance. However, not many people pay much attention to the involvement of hormones in their weight status.

According to studies, hormones can affect your weight because it regulates appetite to help the body maintain energy levels. Some cause hunger, while others remind you that you already have too much to eat.

They can also affect your ability to store more or less fat. So when people suffer from hormonal imbalance, they are prone to become overweight or obese. Below are the following hormones that influence a person’s weight:

  • Cortisol

    Cortisol is regarded as the “stress hormone” because it is released when a person is experiencing stress.

    It can be challenging to manage overeating habits when a person is under a lot of stress because that means their cortisol levels are high. That is why people who are feeling stressed tend to indulge excessively in eating.

    The best way to lower cortisol levels is by avoiding stress, developing mindfulness, and practicing a healthy and balanced diet. Getting as much as seven hours of sleep at night is also essential.

  • Estrogen

    Estrogen is a female sex hormone that influences a person’s weight, whether high or low. Balanced estrogen levels lead to the right amount of fat that helps carry out female reproductive functions.

    You can ideally manage your estrogen levels by exercising more, adding plenty of fiber to your diet, and eating more cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and more.
    Learn more here: What Is Semaglutide Therapy?

  • Insulin

    Insulin is a type of hormone secreted by the pancreas. It is crucial in the regulation of blood sugar and energy balance. It is also the hormone that signals your body to store fat.

    Sometimes, even if you are not living with diabetes, your insulin levels may spike. You can keep your insulin levels in check by avoiding food and beverages high in sugar and refraining from overeating.

  • Leptin

    Leptin is the hormone secreted by fat cells. It is also known as the “fullness hormone” because it tells a person when they have eaten too much.

    People who are suffering from obesity sometimes encounter problems with the way their leptin hormone is functioning. It makes it challenging for them to lose weight, despite engaging in a diet and physical exercises.

    To improve your leptin sensitivity and restore its function, avoid consuming inflammatory foods and have more fatty fish intake. It’s also important to get sufficient sleep every day.

How diet and lifestyle can affect hormones

Two critical factors can affect one’s hormones: lifestyle and diet. Hormonal fluctuations are closely linked to a person’s diet, activity levels, and chronic stress.

You must consider these factors carefully if you want to regulate the function of your hormones and prevent it from causing or worsening your weight gain.

  • Diet

    What you consume daily, such as food and beverages, significantly affects your overall health, including your hormones. Studies have revealed that diets high in added sugar, processed foods, and refined carbs may lead to hormonal dysregulation.

    On the other hand, another research suggests that diets rich in protein and moderate to low carbs may have a more positive effect on hormones that stimulate hunger and fullness.

  • Lifestyle

    Other factors that could influence your hormones affecting body weight are sleep quality, activity, and stress. Lack of proper sleep can also lead to hormonal dysregulation because sleep deprivation is associated with insulin, leptin resistance, and hunger hormone derangement.

    Exercising more is a good thing for hormones as well because it can help improve the body’s insulin sensitivity, increase testosterone levels among men, reduce leptin levels in people who are obese, and improve the function of fullness hormones after eating.

    Lastly, managing stress levels is vital in maintaining a healthy hormonal response. Chronic stress can negatively impact hormones tasked to regulate appetite, which may lead to increased calorie intake and weight gain.

How semaglutide in Boca Raton can help with obesity

Other than maintaining a proper diet, exercising, and reducing stress, there is also another way to help battle obesity caused by hormones: taking semaglutide. Semaglutide works as a weight-loss drug that assists the pancreas in releasing the right amount of insulin.

It can also slow down food movement in the stomach, reducing appetite so the patient can adhere to a reduced-calorie diet better.

Where to Go For Semaglutide in Boca Raton

Semaglutide Boca Raton FLIf you want to take semaglutide injections in Boca Raton, you can visit NuLife Institute. We provide a proven and effective medical weight loss program that promotes using semaglutide.

We offer individualized low-calorie and low-fat diets, exercise programs, and semaglutide injections that aim to help obese adults who are living with diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol to lose weight effectively.

To know more, visit our website or call us at (561)816-2747. Our clinic is at 2300 Glades Rd., Suite 150E, Boca Raton, FL 33431. You may also view our clients’ testimonies about our Semaglutide Weight Loss here.


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