Reset Your Relationship With Food and Lose Weight Without Even Trying

We live in the era of the Fad Diet. From ‘caveman’ style diets to highly restrictive food plans that cut out entire food groups, promises are painted a mile high. Do they deliver? Sometimes – for some people – but for the majority? Fad dieting does not work.

Too many rules around what we can and cannot eat are stressful and unsustainable. To achieve and maintain a healthy weight, we need to have a healthy relationship with our food. Far from being the enemy, food is essential to life. It should also remain a pleasure and not a burden.

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Why Fad Diets Fail

What keeps fad diets in business is the short-term weight loss they can frequently offer. Even the knowledge that the scales are probably only reflecting water and lean muscle loss – rather than fat – doesn’t deter people. We’re hardwired to celebrate weight loss, and so the myth of the successful fad diet continues.

So why do fad diets fail? The main reasons are common to the majority of faddish eating regimes:

  • Too restrictive

  • Boredom with food choices that are ‘allowed’

  • Creating anxiety over food

  • Lack of energy

  • Slowing down of metabolism

However, a fad diet is packaged and marketed, and whichever celebrities can be encouraged to swear by its miraculous results in exchange for a fee, the root of all weight loss remains the same.

Back to Basics

The basics? Don’t eat more calories than you use. Don’t eat junk food. Avoid basing your main meals around processed foods. Eat whole foods and get some exercise.

Within that common sense approach, there is incredible space and potential to create an eating plan that won’t feel like dieting. If you want to lose weight, then the last thing you should do is view food with trepidation.

As simple as that sounds, most of us need help to reset our relationship with food in order to reach our optimal weight and maximize our health. The medical experts at NuLife Institute can help you do exactly that.

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NuLife Institute – Achieve Your Goals

NuLife Institute is the leading Miami facility for Age Management. Following a FREE consultation, our experts will work with you to create a bespoke Internal Blueprint document – a roadmap to make the next stage of your life the best yet.

Your NuLife doctor will consider every aspect of a healthful, strong, and vital future: diet, weight, hormones, environment, mental well-being, and more. They will create a program that is uniquely attuned to your precise needs to empower you for the next stage of your life.

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