Posted October 29, 2021
By Dr. Luis Dominguez In Health

The risks of taking hormone pellets outweigh its benefits.

Hormone Pellet Therapy Miami FLThere is a great appeal to the notion of a specially-formulated hormone cocktail to reverse the signs and symptoms of age-related hormone decline.

Hormone pellet therapy is one of the most effective in reversing the signs of aging, especially in women.

Celebrities and influencers are just raving about its benefits for women going through menopause. 

What is hormone pellet therapy?

One method of hormone therapy is hormone pellets, which make use of a small pellet inserted under the skin. It is an effective delivery method that provides continuous release of a hormone to correct hormone imbalance.

However, Pellet therapy is associated with more side effects, as much as 6 times! The risks simply just outweigh the benefits. Are you willing to take the risk?

Although hormone pellets offer a great delivery system, it is usually associated with more side effects.

It was reported that pellet therapy with estradiol and/or testosterone caused as much as 6 times the number of side effects. This includes abnormal uterine bleeding and subsequent hysterectomy.

Women who used hormone pellets also reported acne breakouts, crazy mood swings and anxiety, changes in hair patterns, and weight gain.

Another drawback with hormone pellets is dose adjustment. Once inserted, there is no way for your doctor to adjust the dose when needed, which is usually the case during therapy. This may lead to overdose or underdose, which is not good.

With pellets, there is no way to adjust the dosage without surgical removal and reinsertion of the pellet, which is risky and invasive.

What alternatives to hormone pellet therapy are available?

Thankfully, there are alternatives to hormone pellets that are safer and more effective. We understand that hormone replacement therapy is not a “one size fits all” procedure.

Hormones should be custom-tailored to each individual since we all have different bodies, needs, and goals. Moreover, delivery methods should also be varied.

At NuLife Institute, we offer a wide array of alternatives to hormone pellet therapy. 

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Both men and women can benefit from hormone replacement therapy, as this is an effective treatment option, especially in menopausal women. It also helps in overcoming health issues related to age-related hormone decline.

We prefer to offer hormones that come in the form of gels, creams, injections, and sublingual as alternatives. These are much safer and have far fewer side effects than hormone pellets. With topical forms of hormone therapy, such as gels and creams, dosage adjustment is much easier and non-invasive. 

We offer safer and more effective alternatives

At NuLife Institute, we offer a wide array of alternatives to hormone pellet therapy. These alternatives are much safer and have fewer side effects. We are dedicated to helping you become a better version of yourself with hormone replacement therapy.

  • Hormone Therapy for Men – As men age, their hormone levels decline, and this is just part of the biological process. These usually go unnoticed, but recognizing hormone imbalances in men is crucial since these can cause physical and mental health problems.

    Maintaining good health requires focusing on your hormones as well. 

  • Testosterone Therapy for Men – Hormone depletion caused by aging affects men differently than women do, as their testosterone levels fluctuate.

    It is important for men to understand the signs and symptoms of low testosterone levels and how it affects their daily lives before things get worse. Testosterone therapy can help you get a leaner body, increase your libido, and have nonstop energy to do more things!

  • Human Growth Hormone (HGH) for Men and Women – The human growth hormone (HGH) is vital in both men and women. HGH, when produced at the correct levels, naturally supports a healthy metabolism, physical performance, and mental clarity.

    However, as we age, we produce less HGH. This causes symptoms such as fatigue and loss of energy, irregular sleep cycles, anxiety and depression, and loss of interest in sex and other activities. Therefore, it’s important to take the necessary steps now for the best possible results later in life.  

  • Bioidentical Hormone Therapy – BHRT makes use of hormones that are herbal in origin. Compared to hormone pellets, BHRT hormones are administered in personalized dosages depending on one’s medical history, goals, and needs.

    It is a natural and safe way to help women deal with age-related hormone decline and their accompanying signs and symptoms.

Who are we?

Hormone Pellet Therapy Miami FLNuLife Institute is a premier medical facility for functional, integrative medicine, and age management located in Miami, FL.

It is the only facility of its kind to provide personalized, non-surgical age-reversing treatment plans that are tailored-fit to your body.

Our clinic is proud to have elite Age Management Physicians, Specialists, and Medical Staff. They are the key to our success in delivering outstanding results to each and every client.

Their decades of unrivaled experience and research in anti-aging techniques are what make us different and stand out.

Are you ready to become a better version of yourself? Contact NuLife Institute today at 305-400-0005 for a complimentary consultation to help you with your needs on hormone therapy.

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