Brittany Fredrick, comes from Cuban and German decent and born in Long Beach, CA.

She came to Miami very young, where she had a passion for the Arts in Dance. She Graduated High School going straight into Univision Television, where she was able to pursue her craft in the Arts. Also, as an FIU Graduate who has a Bachelor’s in Finance, and a Master’s in Business Management.

Her Education has helped her along the years throughout her career as an Executive Assistant to High-Level C-Suit Directors and CEO’s. She has managed over 28 employees under her belt at a time, guiding them through organization skills and building structure within their teams. She has over 13 years of experience in many programs and working with big companies such as Baptist, UM, Chapman, and JBL.

Her experience in Customer Service has a very big impact in her work, as she is very dedicated to her work and the people around her. She has handled many Team Building Programs, Executive Committee Meetings, Finance Data Spreadsheets and brings great energy to her peers.

She is self-motivated, passionate, and a humbling individual who always wants to grow and learn more for the better of herself and the company.

Beginning my journey with NuLife Institute has allowed me to use all my past skills to further patient care and efficiently to new levels.