Roger Medina is known as a gentle giant with an infectious smile, and easy-going personality.  At first glance you notice Roger is the epitome of fitness, carefully balancing his diet with his overall health and fitness goals. After meeting with Roger you understand the reason he is a social magnet; able to strike up a conversation with anyone and be liked by all those that meet him.

Over the last 2 years, Roger has been a pivotal piece of our team, providing patients with a charismatic point of contact they can relate to.  Initially a patient of NuLife Institute, Roger became enamored with the concept and approach of NuLife Institute and ended up accepting a career opportunity with us. It is because of patients like Roger, that tell their story of incredible results, that we receive an incredible amount of patient referrals inquiring on how to qualify for our medical facility. By sharing his personal journey, Roger acts a beacon of inspiration for our patients who see firsthand the possibilities of our medical care.