Tugba is NuLife Institute’s Salesforce Admin and Developer equipped with three prestigious certifications, a Bachelors in Agriculture Engineering and a Master’s degree in Agricultural Economics. Engineering. She is part of the team here at NuLife that develops and architects the major systems that run the day to day patient and medical provider experience.

Beginning her career in a construction company, she honed her skills in Salesforce development and administration building systems to accommodate large projects in many areas.

Her journey led her to NuLife Institute, where she embarked on the mission of enhancing user experiences for our doctors and medical staff. Tugba has worked closely on many aspects typically handled by a Salesforce Architect, creating and optimizing numerous system flows, which has made the platform more approachable and user-friendly. She has been able to resolve complex system-related problems with her coding skills, ensuring the system operates more effectively.

Outside of her professional sphere, she balances her career with fulfilling family life, being a wife and mother to two children.


Salesforce Certified Administrator
Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder
Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I