Posted November 17, 2022
By Dr. Luis Dominguez In Healthy Lifestyle

Fall Weight Gain: 4 Ways to Avoid It

 width=With Boca Raton’s medical weight loss program, keep track of your weight loss goals during the holiday season.

We all know how hard it is to lose weight, especially keeping it off. This is true during the fall and winter seasons.

Autumnal leaves are falling, but the numbers on the scale are increasing. Holiday stress, bigger meal sizes, hormonal changes, and lack of activity can contribute to weight gain.

Here are some tips to avoid fall weight gain with help from Boca Raton’s leading medical weight loss clinic.

Four Reasons Why We Gain Weight and How to Avoid It

You may think gaining a few pounds during the holiday season is nothing to worry about. However, weight can accumulate over the years. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself heavier than usual, increasing your heart disease and diabetes risk.

Here are four reasons why autumn weight gain occurs, as well as four innovative strategies for dealing with it.

  1. The cooler temperature.
    Autumn’s cooler temperatures make curling up next to the fireplace with hot cocoa and a book far more appealing than getting up and going hiking, golfing, or swimming. Compared to spring and summer, it’s cooler, and we tend to be more sedentary.

    However, sedentary lifestyles have been linked to various health issues, including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, anxiety, mood swings, and obesity. If this isn’t motivation to get your heart pumping, I’m not sure what else will.

    Check out indoor activities within the Boca Raton area. There might be a new gym in town, an indoor climbing arena, indoor badminton or tennis courts, or a heated yoga class that might be lurking around. When you pay for a session or membership, you’ll be more likely to use it while introducing yourself to a new hobby.

  2. Hormone fluctuations
    There’s no doubt that overeating at parties and family dinners contributed to your weight gain during the holiday season. But did you know that weight gain during colder seasons is real?

    According to studies, we are more likely to gain pounds when the temperatures drop due to natural evolution and a lack of sunlight. We’re programmed to eat more and gain weight during colder months to prevent starvation. Our hormones also have something to do with this, as they control hunger, satiety, and metabolism.


    One way to do this is to aim for hormone balance. The hormones ghrelin and leptin, which control our appetite, hunger, and metabolism, are influenced by the amount and quality of sleep. Hence, it’s best to practice proper and consistent sleep hygiene. Getting 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep at night will help balance your hormones.

    In Boca Raton, our medical weight loss program includes hormone therapy. This can help balance your hormones for proper metabolism and sleep.

  3. Increased stress
    The last quarter of the year heightens our stress. Looming deadlines before end-of-year, planning out holiday parties for family and friends, and just because there’s lesser daylight than most; are just some of the causes of stress.

    Heightened stress means increased levels of cortisol in our bodies. This leads to increased appetite, also known as “stress eating.” We also tend to “reward” ourselves with good food when stressed, which means added calories.

    One way to reduce stress levels is to meditate. Why not enroll in a yoga class, or try breathing exercises? Instead of reaching out to candy and chips when stress eating, snack on “healthy snacks” that are low in calories yet packed with nutrients. Snack on a handful of pistachios, cashews, and dark chocolate, and reward your body with healthy snacks.

    Learn more Here: Is Intermittent Fasting Effective for Weight Loss?

    Our medical weight loss program in Boca Raton includes lifestyle coaching and nutrition planning. We will help you choose the proper meals and snacks to help you lose weight.

  4. Liquid calories in beverages
    Unfortunately, we cannot count the calories in our drinks. The autumn season is perfect for hot chocolate, egg nog, pumpkin spice lattes, and all other autumn-inspired drinks. But these have vast amounts of calories almost equal to a meal!

    Imagine one drink setting you back 300 to 350 calories. It contains high amounts of sugar, yet they don’t have protein, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals, which our body needs to maintain optimal weight.

    One way to avoid these high-sugar drinks is to drink water (it has zero calories) or other low-calorie drinks like tea and coffee. Yes, you may indulge yourself with a cup or two of hot chocolate, but make sure you exercise to burn off those calories!

Medical Weight Loss in Boca Raton

Medical Weight Loss Boca Raton FLMedical weight loss in Boca Raton is a holistic approach to losing weight safely and effectively.

Unlike commercial weight loss plans, our SUPER SLIM medical weight loss program helps men and women lose weight, keep it off, and live fully.

How do we do that? Nulife Institute Boca Raton medical weight loss program doesn’t focus on diet and exercise alone. We also incorporate FDA-approved weight loss medications, a weight management program that is personalized per individual, hormone therapy, and nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Avoid Fall Weight Gain with Medical Weight Loss

Don’t let the colder temperatures and the holiday season make you gain weight! Our team will guide you in Boca Raton throughout your weight loss journey!

The NuLife Institute is a medical facility in Boca Raton, FL, specializing in functional, integrative medicine and age management and provides individualized, non-surgical age-reversing treatment plans.

Contact NuLife Institute today at (561) 816-2747 for a complimentary consultation, and we can help you achieve your weight loss goals!


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