Thousands of Men Already Know the Cure For ED – Now it’s Your Turn

Erectile Dysfunction – or ED – affects millions of men during their lifetime. No respecter of age, lifestyle or background, ED can strike men at any time during their lives and the likelihood of it happening increases as we age.  But there is a solution to Erectile Dysfunction.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine recently published some statistics that pull no punches as to how widespread ED really is.

  • 1 in 10 men is unable to achieve an erection

  • 25% of all new cases of ED are diagnosed in younger men

  • 40% of men suffer from ED by the age of 40

  • 70% of men suffer from ED by the age of 70

Do you think you might be suffering from Erectile Dysfunction?  We can help.  Call our friendly, expert medical team at (305) 400-0005 and let’s talk.

You Are Not Alone

If you already have first-hand experience with ED, then you can at least take heart from the certain knowledge that you are far from being alone.

There can be underlying conditions that cause or contribute to ED, but often, age is a major causative factor.  The warning signs of Erectile Dysfunction include:

  • A general weakening of sexual erection

  • Diminishing ability to achieve or maintain an erection at least once in every four attempts at doing so

  • Taking longer to achieve an erection

  • Experiencing difficulty in maintaining an erection in certain sexual positions

  • Less frequent and rigid erections upon waking

The worry about achieving an erection – particularly if someone has experienced ED previously – can be a psychological barrier in itself, otherwise known as performance anxiety.  However, persistent ED over a period of weeks or months is a red flag that some kind of investigation is required.

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Is Low-T To Blame?

One common cause of Erectile Dysfunction is low levels of testosterone. The good news is that it can be fixed.

Testosterone is the male sex hormone responsible for so many aspects of health and well-being.  Any hormone imbalance disrupts health, but declining testosterone levels can trigger symptoms that gravely impact your life, such as:

  1. Loss of muscle strength and definition

  2. Declining energy and stamina

  3. Depression and emotional stress

  4. Deteriorating memory and cognitive abilities

  5. Insomnia

Don’t Suffer In Silence

There’s no need to suffer in silence.  Our physicians identify the root cause of ED and treat it quickly and efficiently, with virtually no discomfort or disruption to your life.

Our proven Hormone Replacement Therapy programs comprise some of the most advanced techniques in the world and succeed where conventional medication – including Viagra – has failed or is unsuitable.

Bespoke Medical Care at Nulife Institute

NuLife Institute is one of the most acclaimed medical facilities in the Miami area. Our expertise is second to none, and the results we achieve for our clients are life-changing.

Don’t wait any longer.  Call our expert team at (305) 400-0005 and find out how our revolutionary Internal Blueprint assessment and testosterone treatment program can get you firing on all cylinders again.

Meet The Doctor

Miami hormones specialist

Dr. Luis Dominguez, D.O.

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Dr. Dominguez’s primary area of specialization is the power of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). He has extensive expertise in sexual health and regenerative medicine …

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