Posted November 9, 2020
By Dr. Luis Dominguez In Testosterone Therapy

What Does Testosterone Do For Men

Testosterone Therapy for MenTestosterone belongs to a group of male hormones known as androgens. Testosterone is the essential androgen to men. Women’s bodies make and need testosterone as well, but in far fewer quantities than their male counterparts.

In men, testosterone is produced mainly in the testes. The adrenal glands also make a small amount of testosterone. Testosterone production is stimulated and regulated by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus region of the brain.

Testosterone production begins in the womb. In fact, it is the release of testosterone in a fetus with male sex chromosomes that begins its differentiation into a male.

After birth and as a  boy develops into a man, it is testosterone that is primarily responsible for the development of the secondary sex characteristics at puberty, such as voice deepening, increased penis and testes size, and growth of facial and body hair.

Testosterone levels rise dramatically at puberty. Testosterone levels continue to rise throughout adolescence, as it plays a vital role in muscle and bone growth. Your level of testosterone finally peaks at about the age of 20. After that, testosterone levels in men start a slow but steady decline.

Age-Related Testosterone Decline

Graph showing decline of testosterone hormone in men with ageA man’s level of testosterone naturally decreases as he ages. Testosterone levels peak in your 20s, but after that, they begin to drop little by little. At first, that drop is barely noticeable, and this is why we all feel like young supermen in our 20s and early 30s.

After 35, men begin to lose 1 – 2% of testosterone every year. That might not sound like a lot, but it adds up! By the time you are in your 70s, your testosterone level is usually half of what it was in your 20s or 30s!

Once you reach the age of 40, you will be highly likely to be experiencing some or all of the low testosterone symptoms, also known as andropause or simply Low-T.

According to the National Institutes of Health, the signs and symptoms of Low Testosterone include:

  • Lack of energy
  • Reduced libido,
  • Lowered sperm count
  • Depression, irritability, and inability to concentrate
  • Weight gain, particularly belly fat
  • Loss of muscle mass, inability to build lean muscle, even while exercising

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone therapy is a safe and effective way to “turn back the clock” and return your testosterone levels to what they were when you were younger. Doctors treat low testosterone with testosterone replacement therapy.

Prescription testosterone replacement therapy for men is available via injection, topical creams or gels, skin patches, subdermal pellets, or oral medication. Most doctors agree that testosterone injections are the safest and most effective form of testosterone therapy.

Testosterone cypionate is the most prescribed form of testosterone replacement therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy is only available with a doctor’s prescription. You cannot buy testosterone online, or anywhere, without a doctor’s prescription.

While any doctor can write you a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy, you should work with a clinic like the NuLife Institute specializing in age-related hormone decline.

At NuLife Institute, we realize that not all men with low testosterone have the same set of symptoms or health and wellness goals. We will tailor your testosterone therapy program to your unique needs and lifestyle to maximize your benefits and optimize your results.

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