Posted April 27, 2021
By Dr. Luis Dominguez In Men's Health

Could a Low Fat Diet Cause Low Testosterone?

An unexpected side effect of a low-fat diet is that it could lower your testosterone level.

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In a recent study of over 200 men, researchers with the University of Worcester in the UK have found that low-fat diets decreased testosterone levels by an average of 10 to 15 percent.

The study was published in the Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

We know that maintaining optimal testosterone levels are critical to a man’s strength, vitality, sexual performance, and overall health. Men with low testosterone are also at an increased risk of developing serious diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases.

So, anything that is discovered that can lower a man’s testosterone should be concerning.

This particular research is disquieting because many men believe they are making a healthier lifestyle choice by deciding to eat a low-fat diet, with the unexpected consequence that such a low-fat diet could lead to low testosterone.

Even more troubling, the same study found that the testosterone decrease was even higher for men on low-fat vegetarian diets, up to 26 percent, the experts found.

Low-fat diets typically predominantly contain whole-grain foods and lean meats such as skinless chicken, fish, fruit, and vegetables – the kind of diet that, on the surface, appears to be healthy.

But, now, in light of this new research, the nutritionists conducting the study say that men – particularly men over 35 when testosterone levels start to drop – should be sure to include plenty of monounsaturated or “good” fats, which are found in olive oil, avocados, and nuts, to boost their testosterone levels.

The experts say that finding a link between low testosterone and low-fat dieting should not be taken to mean such diets are “unhealthy” for men. In fact, a low-fat diet can and does decrease a man’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease and also provides other health benefits.

The researchers still recognize the value of low-fat diets for men. However, in light of their findings, they encourage men also to be sure to include “good” testosterone-boosting fats in their diets.

Fat is an essential component of a healthy, balanced diet. But nutritionists agree in advising against getting in from the consumption of saturated fats, which is found in butter, fatty meats, and junk food like cake and pastries.

Too much fat in your diet, especially saturated fats, can raise your cholesterol, which also increases the risk of heart disease.

Without saying that low-fat dieting by men is a direct cause of the phenomena, the Worcester study authors point out that since the 1970s, there has been a decrease in men’s average testosterone levels and a significant and steady increase in the rates of men diagnosed with low testosterone.

What Every Man Needs to Know Low Testosterone and Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy Miami FLNo matter if it is a low-fat diet or anything that could be causing your low testosterone, the only safe, effective, and proven way to treat it is with testosterone replacement therapy.

Prescription testosterone replacement therapy for men is available via injection, topical creams or gels, skin patches, subdermal pellets, or oral medication. Most doctors agree that testosterone injections are the safest and most effective form of testosterone therapy.

Testosterone replacement therapy is only available with a doctor’s prescription. You cannot buy testosterone online or anywhere without a doctor’s prescription.

While any doctor can write you a prescription for testosterone replacement therapy, you should work with a clinic like the NuLife Institute that specializes in age-related hormone decline.

At NuLife, we realize that not all men with low testosterone have the same set of symptoms or the same health and wellness goals. We will tailor your program of testosterone therapy to your unique needs and lifestyle to maximize your benefits and optimize your results.

Our medical director, Dr. Luis Dominguez, has used his unique, customized approach to help thousands of patients reverse the clock on aging and enjoy a whole new lease on life.

Dr. Luis Dominguez has applied his inquisitive mind and passion for evidence-based Integrative Medicine to focus on utilizing a whole-body approach that provides life-changing results.

“Since working with NuLife to treat my low testosterone symptoms, I am a new man. I feel stronger. I am getting more from my workouts. My energy levels are fantastic; I am even sharper and more focused at work!”

– Peter S. Boca Raton, Fl.

If you would like to learn a little bit more about the many life-changing benefits of testosterone replacement therapy, please contact us today by calling (305) 400-0005.

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