Bringing with him over 15 years of industry leadership, Joshua Wapner is the Chief Executive Officer for NuLife Institute. Joshua shows great benevolence and an assiduous attitude that helps drive his company and team towards success.

Since 2011, Joshua hasn’t just been a CEO, but a patient and an incisive advocate for the life-changing benefits an Aging Strategy can produce. He founded NuLife Institute after years of being in the medical health industry. At first, he was a patient, and then he worked for another company helping thousands of patients one-on-one to feel better by regaining their youthfulness, energy, and overall quality of life. It was intrinsic working from the bottom up, understanding the industry entirely so that Joshua then sought a way to make the experience and concierge care more aligned with the results; that is when he created his company.

His percipience for NuLife has always been to harness the “Power of One.” This philosophy encompassing complete focus on One Patient with One Goal for personal success, highlighted by One Promise – helping patients feel ten years younger in six months or less.

Joshua has been venerated as the leading authority in Miami on Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

Joshua currently lives with his wife and daughter in Miami, Florida.